M2M - back again but it's different this time.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is back - judging by the number of press announcements released by various players. The Vodafone/Verizon Wireless/nPhase announcement at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona illustrates the point. Forrester is on to the M2M case too. Earlier this month my colleague Michele Pelino published a paper titled The M2M Market Is A Blossoming Opportunity. We have also published a case study on the topic too - see the Forrester paper titled Case Study:How Orange Business Services Is Building a Machine-To-Machine Market. The two reports were planned to complement each other, explaining the big picture and giving a practical illustration of how Orange Business Services is addressing the M2M opportunity.


Of course, those of you with long memories will recall that we have been here before. In our view M2M initially failed to take off because the ecosystem was not in place to enable solutions to be put together easily. But this time it is different - AT&T, Telenor, and Telefonica are all active in the M2M market in addition to Vodafone and Orange Business Services. But what about you - what do you think. I'd be happy to hear your take and discuss further.


M2M and the Cloud

Mike, we're seeing the convergence of several market dynamics that are driving growth. The M2M market, particularly asset tracking and monitoring, is transitioning from the costly complexity and inflexibility of internally built and point solutions to the advantages of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to achieve the necessary extensibility to track and monitor assets in real-time, along with the need to adapt to business process changes on the fly. With the carriers and device manufacturers lowering the cost curve for deployment, and hence, creating a corresponding level of increased demand from enterprises, PaaS for M2M Asset Visibility becomes a critical part of the ecosystem to meet that demand. Developers are then able to focus on the business process improvement inherent in the asset tracking and monitoring app instead of being concerned about building the infrastructure and logic to support heterogeneous devices, networks and data models.

Joe Cordo
VP of Marketing
SensorLogic Inc.