Spice Up Your Next Meeting: Play The Customer Journey Game

The following is a guest post by Kara Hoisington, a member of the terrific advisor team for Forrester's Interactive Marketing Council.


Since 2010, Forrester has been advocating a shift from a linear customer buying path to a continuous life cycle of engagement.  This customer life cycle is a framework for how customers interact with your brand, consisting of four stages: Discover, Explore, Buy, and Engage. The “customer journey” is the path the customer takes through and around the life cycle.

In order to illustrate these concepts during our recent Interactive Marketing Council Member Meeting, we created the Customer Life Cycle Game. The game consists of (24) Channel Cards (i.e., video, mobile app, email), (2) Road Block Cards (i.e. lack of budget or no executive approval), and a Customer Life Cycle game board. Members plot channels along the customer journey based on customer persona data in order to move them along to the next stage of the life cycle. To make the game feel a little bit more like real life, we added the road block cards. Once a road block is placed over a channel card, players must adapt to find new ways to move their customer along. At the end, the team who plotted the best customer journey wins!

Interact with the Prezi above to dive into the data and rules of the game. If you would be interested in playing the game with your team, email Kara Hoisington at khoisington@forrester.com for the game pieces. 


Request for app review.

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