Twitter: Is Anybody Doing It "Right"?

Twitter isn’t the largest social network, but its users are very active and tend to be influential. As a result, more and more marketers are looking for ways to leverage the service. The challenge of course is that Twitter is distinctively different than other digital channels, so marketers still struggle to find the “right” way to engage.

In our just-published report about Twitter, we found that:

·  Many successful uses of Twitter go beyond the marketing department. Alone, that’s probably not all that surprising. What’s particularly interesting though is that even when Twitter is used in non-marketing departments — like customer service, PR or even sales  — interactive marketers are participating in the development of the channel to ensure that disparate accounts are strategically aligned.

·  Twitter provides both an overwhelming amount of data and is dominated by a minority of influential users. This can be confusing to marketers because it often means that huge amounts of conversation are created by people who all seem to require a response. Handling that volume and depth of conversation can be particularly daunting. More daunting:  Marketers need to be even more interesting and more relevant than the average influential user if they want to cut through the cluttered streams and engage their consumers.

·  Perhaps to an even greater extent than other social networks you could leverage for your brand, Twitter engagement requires preparation.  Marketers need to make sure that all stakeholders really understand the platform, how the brand's customers use it, and the nuances of speaking with consumers on the brand's behalf in just 140 characters. Then you'll need to determine the purpose of each account the brand wants to open. Once those things are worked out, you can (and should) define your metrics and operational processes.

Forrester clients can read the full report here

If you’re a current Twitter marketer, I’d love to know:  What uses of the service have you found to be the most successful?


Twitter and marketing

Thanks very much for the blog. Interesting the development of Twitter in marketing; particularly in respect of "brand". There are a lot of big companies/brands who don't engage with other users, don't follow, don't really get Twitter. I guess these are the brands who don't really get the point that you are making - it crosses across sales etc. Twitter is one the best ways to speak direct to customers on so many levels!

The Mama loves Twiiter as much as she loves herbal tea!

twitter, big data, order in chaos

Your potential consumers are producing so much of 'big data' on twitter that any marketer can find some order in chaos, and should be able to use it as an engagement platform.

Its like going to the bar

I liked this post because it brings to light the fact that we have to market in a way that many brands and companies have never really been forced to use. Before you could buy your way into the heart of the customer. It was totally one way. Now you actually have to have a relationship with them. This is 2 way. Twitter is helping companies understand this.

It is kind of like going to the bar at which you know no one and the old way was "I've got lots of money, come home with me". Now companies need to have honest dialog because customers have choice. They get what they want when they want and shouting in the bar with no relationship just makes everyone ignore you.

That is so true, Melissa.

That is so true, Melissa. Twitter users are very active and perhaps the most influential when it comes to social media. FB is big and great but when it comes to the great viral thing, Twitter gets the upper hand. One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is that going beyond selling and creating an enriching experience is what matters.