New For 2013 — The Forrester Customer Experience Index Award Of Excellence

Last week, we released our sixth annual Forrester Customer Experience Index. This week, we’re introducing something new to go along with the benchmark — an award.

From now on, any brand that scores an 85 or above in our Customer Experience Index (CXi) will receive both a physical award and a badge for its website naming it a “Forrester Customer Experience Index Award Of Excellence” winner for that year. Here’s a sneak peak at what winners will get:


Mockup of the Forrester Customer Experience Index Award Of Excellence

Without further ado, please join me in congratulating the winners of the first annual CXi Award Of Excellence, 2013: Marshalls, USAA (bank),, Kohl’s, Target, Courtyard by Marriott, Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, Costco, Lowe’s, TJ Maxx, JCPenney, and Marriott Hotels & Resorts!

Special congratulations to four of these brands — USAA (bank), Amazon, Kohl’s, and Costco. They were on the list of “excellent” brands in our 2012 CXi, too. It’s not easy keeping up with changing customer demands, so kudos to them for maintaining their leadership positions.

Next week, I’ll dig deeper into the data and talk about which company was the best on each of the three criteria that make up the CXi — who was best at customer needs, who was easiest, and whose experiences were most enjoyable? Stay tuned!



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Congratulations to all the CXI Winners

The fact that there are so many winners this year speaks to renewed strategic importance companies are giving to customer experience. Its not an easy or quick thing to do. It requires tremendous investment in time, resources and yes, even technology. I applaud the winners, Forrester and you for all the great work in showing the value of customer experience.