Roadmap to a Connected Agency

Mary Beth Kemp

In between long weekends and vacations, I'm kicking off work on a roadmap for change for agencies and advertisers.  In it, I'll explore the following questions (and probably many more). 

  • How will agencies and marketers integrate emerging media channels - including consumers - and what impact will that have on how we define marketing?
  • How does the evolution of TV change how we market?
  • How would/could an agency's offer adapt to these changes and possibilities?
  • Is evolution or revolution necessary?  'Who' is best-suited to change?
  • What IP should agencies concentrate on developing?  How does that impact their competitive set and business model? 
  • How should agencies embrace social media and what is their role?
  • How can agencies balance integration and specialization? 
  • How would agencies' investment strategies evolve?
  • What staff and skills are most needed? 

I'd appreciate your help on this - perhaps too vast for summer - project.  Of course, I'll continue to use this blog as a sounding board - so please respond and throw in your thoughts. 

To kick off the discussion:  what subjects are missing?  Are there additional themes you'd be interested in us including ?  Am I asking the right questions?

Secondly:  would you like to participate more directly?  If you are at an agency, or a client who works frequently with agencies, and would like to discuss your challenges and ideas with me; please send me email at and I'll connect with you. But never fear, I'll be working on this well into the fall, so I'll avoid pinging you poolside.

Thanks for you help!


re: Roadmap to a Connected Agency

I think it is really important to think about how agencies will gather and leverage customer insight. Does the agency become the customer insight brain for their clients. Who collects the data, how do they manage it, report back on changes, etc.

re: Roadmap to a Connected Agency

I think that the agencies role in the future will evolve into more content producer while the use of traditional tools such as banners, will be smaller.Companies will also adapt to the new era and will take the role of educators and share their knowledge in social media for free.

re: Roadmap to a Connected Agency

I think perhaps one more question or exploration might be: How will agencies relationships with their clients need to change (in this era of learn as you go where new models are unfolding and emerging).

re: Roadmap to a Connected Agency

here are a few thoughts which may be worth exploring as well1. Impact of outsourcing/offshoring the non-creative back-office functions of an agency?2. How does evolution of outdoor impact agencies, especially in emerging economies3. The changing dimensions for reserch agencies4. Mining data for meaning. Are agencies equipped to do this?

re: Roadmap to a Connected Agency

Thanks for your comments and shame on my late reply... but I really was on vacation for some of the time ;-)Anyone up for talking with me directly about these great ideas? Or can you point me to other experts who can toss in their point of view? Would love to hear from you.thanks!