Consumers' Favorite Online Brands

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Google remains consumers' favorite online brand, with Yahoo! and Amazon
not far behind. In the minds of their fans, the top online brands
exhibit very traditional attributes such as trustworthiness,
helpfulness, and relevance, all at the expense of more-predictable
tech-friendly characteristics such as innovation and speed.


Direct-to-consumer brands in categories including media, retail,
financial services, and travel — and consumer electronics, given its
technology angle — should position themselves against competitors'
weaknesses and deliver their brand messages through site experiences
that complement offline marketing.

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re: Consumers' Favorite Online Brands

Great post and survey comparing the top brands from 2007 vs. 2009. I am still really surprised that Yahoo! is in 2nd place.Anyway, I referenced this data and post in my SEO blog at the following url:

re: Consumers' Favorite Online Brands

What is interesting is MySpace. Compare 2007 to 2009. Big decline for MySpace. Very interesting article. Thank you.