City Level Public Sector Opportunities In Asia Pacific: A Tale Of Two Urbanization Clusters

Forrester expects two different patterns of urbanization will emerge in Asia Pacific, excluding Japan (APEJ), each with its own rate of technology adoption, maturity of implementation, and ways in which cities will use technology to support urbanization. Forrester defines two categories of urbanization: cities in countries with low-to-moderate urbanization (LMU), and those with high urbanization (HU). Each of these is prevalent in a different set of countries, has different technology requirements, and will emphasize a different set of technology underpinnings for its eGovernment efforts.

  • LMU cities will focus on automation of basic tasks. LMU cities will remain focused on basic automation and bridging the digital divide, tilting heavily toward hardware, platform software, and packaged applications.
  • HU cities will focus on more efficient ICT infrastructure. HU cities will be more focused on upgrading legacy systems and modernizing the existing infrastructure to support open government and shared services concepts.

Nevertheless, Forrester predicts that seven technologies will be common to all cities to underpin their efforts to grapple with urbanization:

  • Cloud Computing: From Hype To Reality For Cities.
  • Mobile Apps And Devices: Faster Link-Up With Citizens.
  • Virtualization: A First Step Toward Cloud.
  • Social Media And Collaboration: Opening Up Two-Way Communication.
  • Analytics: Making Informed Decisions.
  • GIS: Beyond Mapping.
  • Security Software And Systems: From Information To Physical Security.

Among all, China and India will represent the most prominent urbanization IT opportunities in APEJ because of their large population base, and, although their current rates of urbanization is low, they are increasing rapidly.

Strategists at ICT vendors chartered to target public sector market opportunities are often too focused on national or federal-level programs, which are crowded with competitors and more time consuming due to the involvement of multiple players at various levels.

Are you missing the boat by not adopting a new set of roles and responsibilities to take advantage of the new city-level market in APEJ?

Forrester’s latest report, “Asian Urbanization Creates Opportunities for ICT Suppliers,” provides an in-depth view on the urbanization IT purchase opportunity and highlights the new role of ICT suppliers they should be adopting to tap substantial opportunities over the next four to five years.