Taking A Look At 2009 Marketing Budgets

Lauraramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

Happy New Year, Everyone! Looking over my holiday and Christmas greetings this year, I was struck by the change in tone from 2007 and how everyone's wishes for a "happy" new year seemed more sincere and profound in light of the current economy.

In our Predictions 2009 research, published December 23, Forrester analysts who cover B2B and technology marketing predict that marketing budgets will take big hits early in 2009, with typical decreases in the 15% to 25% range. To investigate whether this prediction is tracking current experience and to look at the impact of the economy on this year's B2B marketing spending, Forrester teamed up with MarketingProfs to field a survey that explores 2009 budget plans and looks back at 2008 effectiveness.  Marketing executives at the helm of firms that sell primarily (but not necessarily exclusively) to businesses will find participating in this research relevant because we look at budgets across a range of online, conventional, and emerging social media. We also ask about how you see the effectivenss of tactics changing year over year.

The survey is currently in the field.  If you would like to participate, please click on this link. We have over 400 responses thus far, so please feel free to add your input and opinions. Reply to this post with thoughts and feedback about the survey and I'll address anything that comes up. All participants (who supply their email addresses) will receive a copy of the results.

Here's wishing you a more prosperous new year.

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re: Taking A Look At 2009 Marketing Budgets

With so many lame businesses being found out and going to the wall, here's hoping the market research industry sees its share of the cuts!My prediction is that the amount spent on consumer research will be cut dramatically. Those companies that come to appreciate the total lack of a link between consumer research investment and commercial success will, I hope, not go back to their former reliance on this flawed pseudo science!