Forrester's B2B Survey: Web 2.0 and Customer Marketing

Lauraramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

For the past 3 weeks, Forrester has sponsored a B2B marketing survey on Web 2.0 and Customer Marketing Program Trends. So far, we have received 185 responses from marketers like you. I thought you might like to see a preview of one of the more interesting findings.

When it comes to Social Media use and Web 2.0, B2B marketers I talk with usually raise the topic of blogging. They want to know "who is doing it well?" and "what benefits have they achieved?" In the survey, when we asked "Which statement BEST describes your corporate experience with blogging so far? (Please select one response)," B2B marketers told us:


Despite what most perceive as rapidly growing interest and activity around blogging as a B2B channel, over 50% of respondents don’t (yet) sponsor a corporate blog or are still setting their strategy.

What’s more: 75% don’t yet consider it a key element of their marketing mix. We have uncovered other valuable insights into online video/podcasting use, Web 2.0 benefits, and customer marketing program maturity that we are anxious to share with you.

Interesting? Sure. But I would like to know more. If you haven’t answered our survey, will you take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule today, click on the following link, and tell us about your experience?

All respondents will receive a copy of our published research at the conclusion of the survey. (Reponses will be kept confidential.)
If you have taken the survey already, then please accept our thanks and appreciation. We’ll be back in touch when the research is published.

We will keep the survey open until Monday, February 11. If you know someone who would be willing to participate, please feel free to forward this post or the link to him or her.

Your contribution makes our research the most relevant, insightful, and actionable. Thank you again for helping us create research that helps inform and set your B2B marketing activity.

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re: Forrester's B2B Survey: Web 2.0 and Customer Marketing

Hi, do you think every company should have a blog these days or is it kind of like keeping up with the corporate Joneses?I have just posted on this, including your findings so far, on our blog, with a link to your survey.It would be great if you'd like to provide a comment. Interested to hear your views.Thanks JuliePS. We are wondering about the business value of our own blog, although it is in early stages yet.

re: Forrester's B2B Survey: Web 2.0 and Customer Marketing

Hi Julie, thank you for the post and for promoting our survey on your blog as well.Blogging is only one of several Web 2.0/social media tactics that B2B marketers could adopt. We are conducting this research to find out where B2B marketers -- particularly those in large companies (and key industries, like high tech, business services, financial services, healthcare, among others)-- are using blogs and what benefits/value they have seen. We also think that social media MORE relevant to installed base communications and marketing. The second half of the survey looks at current practices for marketing to existing customers.Back to your question: I can't say that EVERY company should have a blog, but every company should evaluate whether blogging makes sense given the potential benefits and the (what can be significant) costs. You are right, blogs take time and effort to keep them fresh and relevant. The results are not immediate, and may not happen at all. I think the survey results so far show that these costs and risks are not lost on B2B marketers who are experimenting with them or who are thinking about their strategy.We look forward to sharing the results with you and your readers.

re: Forrester's B2B Survey: Web 2.0 and Customer Marketing

I really enjoyed the survey! The questions were very insightful and it got me thinking about a number of new programs I need to start. I'm looking forward the results. As I work with clients, I'm always amazed at the number that struggle with how to measure the effectiveness of social media and blogging. In business, if you can't measure the results, it will only be an experiment - as shown in the most popular answer on your chart. With the growing number of powerful and inexpensive analytics tools available, more organizations should be able to measure the increase traffic, leads, customers, order value and SEO visibility benefit derived directly from social media investment. Since it's easy to understand the value of these benefits, the return on investment calculation should be clear.

re: Forrester's B2B Survey: Web 2.0 and Customer Marketing

Thank you for the post, David. Effective marketing measurement continues to be a key challenge. We see the growing number of tools only confuse marketers who get wrapped around the axel measuring everything instead of measuring what matters. Online tactics are much easier to measure as you point out, but the majority of the B2B budget goes toward traditional channels like trade shows and print that can be harder to measure without planning upfront to do so. Notice, I said "harder" not "impossible." Glad you found the survey insightful. I hope others will recommend it as well.