Your Business Tech Buyers Are More Social Than Ever

 I am writing this blog from a country club in beautiful (albeit rainy) Virginia. It seems like yesterday when I was in warm LA for the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum. What a difference a week makes! Our sales enablement and tech marketing teams have a 3-day offsite here to dive very deep into our clients' problems and how Forrester can help solve them. In order to tackle these problems, we must start with the critical step of understanding everything we can about our customers. For example, Forrester has surveyed business technology buyers over the past 4 years to gather data on their on line behaviors. This data is commonly known as  Forrester's Social Technographics™ ladder. This intelligence is priceless to our Forrester clients, who more often than not are skeptical with regards to B2B buyers' use of social media. There is a general perception that social media primarily applies to consumers, not B2B buyers. Well, if you still don't believe that B2B tech buyers use social for work purposes, think again! I created an infographic to show that B2B buyers continue to engage online for work purposes and in more ways than you may think. They are commenting on your products, creating video, writing blogs, and posting status updates. And this just scratches the surface!

  You have two choices: 1) ignore this data and continue to believe that social media does not apply to B2B or 2) differentiate your social marketing strategy by creating targeted B2B social media campaigns that are based on the unique characteristics of your buyers. As a former tech marketer, I know which alternative I would choose!


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Hi, Kim.
Great blog post. Is there a report in which this graphic can be seen at higher resolution?


Kim, your presentation on B2B

Kim, your presentation on B2B and social at the Forrester conference last week was very helpful. I look forward to hearing more about the CLICK framework for assessing/developing social strategies in the coming months. Best, Heather

TIP: For those of us in the SF Bay Area, tonight Diana Cartwright, Senior Director of Marketing at Hitachi, will talk about B2B and social at EMC, 2831 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara from 5:30 to 8:00. Sponsored by BMA, these once-a-month presentations are usually well worth the time, and you can't beat the price--$10 for members and $35 for guests (refreshments included).

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Hey Kim, Its an awesome post

Hey Kim, Its an awesome post to promote our business...Thanks for the share...

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because the truth would have to go and check on the roll that to understand better and know what the B2B news and know how it works

To be able to cope with these

To be able to cope with these concerns, we must start with the essential stage of understanding everything we can about our customers.