A Wild And Crazy Week For Technology Marketers

I am back from a very relaxing vacation on the Oregon coast and cannot believe all that has happened during that short time. Google purchases Motorola, HP gets out of the PC business, an earthquake hits the East Coast and Steve Jobs resigns from Apple. And I am not even mentioning the many other interesting announcements that did not get significant coverage this week, such as this, this and this. Can't wait to see what the next week has in store for us...

The world is moving at a very fast pace and at times it seems we are desperately trying to make some order out of the chaos. Being an analyst who focuses on social media in B2B, I spend much of my time trying to sort through a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment that is characterized by start-ups, acquisitions, IPOs, leadership shakeups and technology disruptions on a daily basis. And I know that you, the tech marketer, experience this in your own day-to-day job as you try to make decisions on which audience to target, the engagement objective to use, the type of strategy to implement and the technology platforms, budget and resources needed to support your efforts. And you have to do this within an ever-changing environment. Impossible? Not if you stay focused on the end goal and do some meticulous planning.

I recently published a report that provides some guidance on how to better select your social media tactics based on where your  buyers are in the technology adoption cycle. It is my attempt to provide a bit of order on what can be a chaotic task....trying to identify the most optimal way to engage with your customers when there are so many social media tactics to consider. It is never an exact science, but we are getting closer! How do you select your social media tactics to engage with your audiences? Would love to hear your input!