CIOs: Collaborate With Your Peers And Forrester Analysts To Discuss, Debate And Shape Your Ideas

Last week, Forrester launched its CIO Role Community, a place for CIOs (and other IT leaders) exclusively to engage in conversations and discussions with their peers. This community will also provide you an opportunity to continue the conversations on existing content and highlight future areas of interest. You are invited to post your questions, comments, thoughts and ideas and have other CIOs and Forrester analysts to chime in with their opinions, best practices and lessons learned on these areas.

Forrester analysts will be actively participating in communities by responding to your questions, adding their insights to existing conversations and asking questions of you, the CIO, to create a more precise purview, and drive our research agenda — ultimately making it more timely and relevant to you.

Already, a wide range of topics are being actively discussed, from the criticalness of operating in the Asia Pacific region and other emerging economies, to setting clear business priorities without a PMO.

Head over to the CIO Community, browse the discussions, and let your voice be heard. Respond to an existing post, or post your own discussion!

(Also, be sure to follow @Forr_CIO for timely updates about the CIO Community activity.)

We’re waiting to hear from you!