Calling All Service Design Agencies! Add Yourself To Forrester’s Upcoming Report

The survey is now closed. Many thanks to all of the agencies and service designers who submitted. We'll be in touch soon.


The survey deadline has been extended to November 7 at midnight Eastern! Please see my comment in the thread below for more details.


“Who can help us design great customer experiences?” I increasingly hear this question from our Forrester clients — and depending on what kind of work the client is after, my answer is often, “a service design agency.” I recently wrote two blog posts discussing the importance of service design and its relationship to customer experience. In December, I’ll be publishing a report that will help prospective clients find potential service design partners.

This report will focus on agencies that design service-based interactions that span the following steps in the customer journey: buy, access, use, and get support. Agencies that primarily design the employee experience will also be considered for inclusion in the report. If that sounds like your agency  and you’ve got one employee or several hundred  we’d love to include you. Just fill out this survey by November 1.

There are 14 to 17 questions about your agency’s background, capabilities, and client work. If you would like a copy of the survey questions prior to starting the survey, please contact Curt Nichols. Unless otherwise noted, responses to all survey questions are on the record and will be published in a Forrester report in December 2013. The report will include a general analysis of the data from all respondents and specific details about each agency that will enable clients to create a shortlist of potential partners. We’ll send you a copy of the report for participating.

Key dates and details:

  • November 1, 2013 November 7, 2013 at midnight ET: Deadline for filling out the survey. Agencies that submit after that time will not be included in the report.
  • November 15, 2013: Notification of inclusion or exclusion in the report. Forrester will notify all respondents about the status of their submission. Respondents that have not provided sufficient evidence of service design capabilities/experience will not be included in the report. All decisions will be final, so please take care to accurately describe your work and approach. Please note: Agencies that focus primarily on marketing interactions (those interactions that occur as customers discover and evaluate a company’s products and services) will not be included in this report, as Forrester has many other outlets for showcasing the work of marketing agencies.
  • December 5, 2013: Fact-checking begins. Forrester will send out a preliminary version of the report to all included agencies.
  • December 7, 2013: Deadline for fact-checking responses. In fairness to all respondents, we will NOT change any information that you wish to modify or that you submitted incorrectly in the survey. This review process is intended only to correct any mistakes that Forrester inadvertently made in transferring your survey responses to our report format.
  • December 20, 2013: Forrester will publish the report.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


This is a global survey

I got a question today via Twitter asking if this is covering service design agencies around the globe or just in the United States.

Answer: Around the globe. Depending on how many responses we get from various regions, we'll figure out if we need to write one global report or several regional reports.

Full survey?

Is there a way to preview the full survey without answering each question in order? I want to ensure I have all the information I need from my company in advance so I can fill out the form in one session. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


If you email my colleague Curt Nichols, he will send you the entire survey in PDF form. His email address is in the post above.

Time for a Service Design Agency Forrester Wave?

Hi Kerry

Is this the first step towards publishing a Forrester Wave report on the Strategy and Current Offerings of service design agencies.

As service design matures from a niche offering provided by small agencies focused on designing customer journeys, to a mainstream offering offered by Accenture, McKinsey and bona fide consultants focused on implementing complex service systems, there is a need for a Wave to help sort the wheat from the chaff.

Graham Hill

No Wave plans yet...

One of the many challenges of doing a Wave is the amount of time it takes to adequately evaluate each provider. This means that we could realistically include only about 15 agencies -- which wouldn't provide a realistic look at the landscape, especially given the current geographic distribution of agencies. Then there's the issue of fairly determining who's in and who's out...

These aren't insurmountable challenges, but they're sufficient enough that I don't have any current plans to do a service design Wave. However, the situation could change in the future.

Thanks for asking!

The Move to Service System Design

Hi Kerry

Thanks for your reply.

I appreciate the work involved in researching for a new Forrester Wave.

The challenge you have with the survey is that it is oriented towards the shallower end of the service design agency continuum that focuses on improving the customer journey, at the expense of the deeper end that focuses on improving the larger service system.

If service design is ever going to be taken seriously by big business it must migrate along the continuum towards complex service systems. This might mean a lesser focus on the customer journey, but that may be the price that has to be paid for improving services as a whole.

Graham Hill

This is a first step...

hi Graham,

I really appreciate your POV on this. In addition to providing the survey results, I'll be including some intro text to explain what SD is and how the list of agencies (and the survey questions) fits into that. Would love to interview you sometime in the upcoming weeks to discuss -- will send you a follow up via email.


Launching new agency in 2014

Do you want us to submit information of is it too early if we are planning to launch in 2014?


Existing agencies only.

Participation on the Survey


we're a small agency based in Düsseldorf, I'm wondering if we can still participate on the survey somehow as we only got notice of this today? :(

Kind regards,
Pedro Custódio


The survey is now closed and we will not be accepting any further submissions.

Survey deadline extended

First, a huge thanks to everyone for your interest in our upcoming report.

We received an overwhelming number of requests to extend the deadline for the survey. So -- to make sure that this report is as complete as possible -- we have reopened the survey and extended the deadline to midnight Eastern on Thursday November 7. We will NOT accept any submissions after this time for any reason -- otherwise we'll never get the report written! ;-)

We will also not accept any submissions via PDF, Word, etc. You must complete the online form in order to be included in the report.

Thanks again!

Website language

Hi Kerry,

Thank you for extending the deadline. I have responded to the survey now. One simple question: currently our website is Dutch only: an English translation is on its way. Is English website content necessary to pass the selection/inclusion process? If so what is the time window for me to get this done?



English website not necessary

hi Bjørn,
Thanks for your submission! You don't need an English website. We'll take a look at your site and run the text we want to read through a translator.