The Customer Experience Ecosystem — Visualized!

Last week at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, I gave a keynote titled "The Customer Experience Ecosystem," which is a framework for helping companies understand the complex set of interdependencies that are ultimately responsible for shaping all customer interactions.

After the forum, I gave an encore presentation to a group of customer experience leaders at Fidelity Investments. The coolest thing about this meeting? Fidelity had engaged an artist from Collective Next to help it visualize the outputs of the session. Fred Leichter, Fidelity’s chief customer experience officer, told me that these visualizations help the team members see and think about their work in a more creative way.

So as I spoke, master scribe Marsha Dunn illustrated my presentation:

For those of you who heard my keynote, I hope this helps you keep some of my main points top of mind. You can also download my keynote slides on our event site.

For anyone who was unable to attend the forum, let me know if this piques your curiosity about customer experience ecosystems — I’m happy to fill you in on the details! Or, check out the full report.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to map your own customer experience ecosystem, please join my teleconference on Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Eastern time (18:00-19:00 UK time).


Kerry - great slide! A

Kerry - great slide! A right-brainer definitely drew this one.

Dennis DeGregor
twitter @DeGregor

A right-brainer for sure

It was so fun to watch her work. Glad you like the illustration, Dennis.

No picture...

Picture won't display (FF5). Tried in Safari and IE too, with no luck. Any chance you could email it me?

I'm also assuming slides are for attendees only, as you need an event PIN...

Picture gone

Hi Kerry,

The pic seems to have come down from last night, can we have it back? :-)

Can you see it now?

hi guys,
Can you try it again? I can see the pic fine in FF5 and IE. Perhaps there was something screwy going on with the blog overnight... We definitely didn't take the image down.

And yeah, the slides are just for attendees.


Yep, reappeared 1/2 way

Yep, reappeared 1/2 way through day. Think would probably make more sense with the slides but that's life!

In fact, a thought on that. Always seems a shame when conference content gets locked down to attendees, and its seeming an increasingly old fashioned way to approach content in an increasingly open web (with the benefits that opening this content up would bring). We try to open everything, and cc licence it up as much as we can (be that content, or data).

What's your take on this? Reminds me of a Clay Shirky article I was reading earlier ( with the media assumption that you will still need to pay for content, and that actually was more inertia in the business model.

Good question

hi Ian,
It’s an important issue -- one that we obviously spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing at Forrester.

The good news is that I'll be providing quite a few nuggets from my keynote on this very blog. Please stay tuned!

Hi Kerry, that's great, it's

Hi Kerry, that's great, it's back! BTW, Fjord are NYC, Berlin, London, Helsinki, Madrid, Stockholm and (shortly) San Francisco.


San Fran

Cool, I'm in SF too. Will be great to meet up with Fjord folks in person!