Increased Demand For MFT Is Being Driven By Enterprise Compliance Requirements

Over the past couple of years, we have noticed a significant uptick in inquiries from clients on the subject of MFT to support external data exchanges. In fact, one survey listed MFT as the primary area of planned enhancements to their B2B program (see the graphic).

But what is driving this need? Our discussions with clients indicate that the primary push for MFT is coming from the business side and is related to the increasing number of compliance regulations that organizations must deal with. For example, information security provisions are extensively covered under HIPAA regulations in the US healthcare sector and Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II laws covering financial reporting. Similar regulations have come up in other sectors as well.

Another factor is the number of highly visible security exposures that have resulted in the compromise of company and employee information over the past several years. This has captured the attention of both senior management and auditors in forcing a review of existing file transfer processes that typically reveal many shortcomings that can be overcome with the use of a robust MFT tool.

We expect that security and privacy demands will continue to grow, so expect MFT to be an increasingly hot topic for some time to come.