Need Faster App Delivery?...Consider A CIS Approach

Comprehensive integration solutions (CISes) have been in the market for several years and provide robust features for solving application, B2B, and process integration challenges. But what a lot of people don't yet understand is that these tools can also dramatically speed up general-purpose application development efforts as well. Savings of 40% to 60% reduction in time and cost are frequently quoted by enterprises using a CIS for application development. How is this possible, you ask?

CIS products provide several tightly integrated components that can speed up development efforts, including:

  • A graphical environment that supports model-driven development. This approach replaces manual java coding with dynamic interpretation of java code based on process models created in either BPMN or BPEL diagrams.
  • An embedded ESB that provides out-of-the-box features supporting messaging, routing, and transaction management. ESBs can be used to minimize the creation of point-to-point integration interfaces with a more-flexible service bus approach.
  • An integration server that supports both simple and complex transformations with full support for a wide range of EDI and XML-based data formats.
  • A registry/repository for supporting the creation, management, and reuse of a wide range of application artifacts, including services.

CIS products may not be the best choice for all of your application development needs, but they are a proven approach for providing an enhanced development experience covering a wide range of enterprise application requirements.

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