Why Is Customer Service So Hard to Get Right?

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Good customer service is the result of the right attention to strategy, business processes, technology, and people management. This seven-part series focuses on customer service technology—and explains the what, why, how, and when of the technology.

We’ve already reviewed the core technologies for customer service in Part 1 of this series. Let’s now focus on why these technologies impact the quality of service delivered.

One reason that good service is hard to deliver is because the contact center technology ecosystem is really complex, and it has grown more so over time as new communication channels and touch points have become available.

There’s a constant churn of vendor mergers and acquisitions as customer service sectors consolidate (for example, the acquisition of knowledge management vendors, or social listening vendors by CRM vendors) that create support risks beyond the control of customer service planners.

There are new service delivery models, such as more extensive managed services and cloud-based offerings, which present new opportunities for customer service organizations, but it’s not clear that they truly help the enterprise transform its overall customer experience.

There’s the organization problem, where companies struggle to align customer-facing organizations that own the various customer service touch points that historically have not shared the same objectives, reporting structure, funding, business processes, data management strategies, technology, or culture.

For more information about these pain points, read our report “TechRadar for AD&D Pros: Contact Center Solutions for Customer Service, Q2 2013.”

Part 3 will explain what the problems are that are caused by this churn of vendors, delivery models, and lack of organizational focus.


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