Communication Channel Preferences For Customer Service Are Rapidly Changing. Do You Know What Your Customers Need?

Consumers’ preferences for customer service channels are rapidly changing. And it’s not just the younger generation of consumers — there’s disruption and change across all ages and  demographics. Our 2013 data about communication channels that customers use for customer service is available in my latest report. Here are some key data points:

  • Customers want companies to value their time. 71% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.
  • Voice is the most used communication channel for service. Voice, which 73% of customers use for customer service, is still the most widely used channel. However, web self-service and digital channels like chat and email are following close behind.
  • Chat is increasingly popular. Online chat adoption among customers has risen from 30% in 2009 to 43% in 2012. In addition, it has the highest satisfaction rating of any channel used, after voice.
  • The demise of email is premature. Email remains the third most widely used communication channel among US online adults. In the past three years, email usage has increased by two percentage points, from 56% to 58%.
  • Social channels are increasingly important. Online communities and Twitter have seen increases in usage rates in the past three years. However, satisfaction remains low for these channels, as companies have not invested in best practices for managing interactions on these channels.

What this means is that companies must understand their customers’ communication channel preferences and be prepared for them to change over time. This also means that companies must choose technology ecosystems that provide the business agility and flexibility to meet customer channel demands today and in the future.



Today it has become really

Today it has become really very important for every company to understand their customers needs and channelize their needs according to them. Customers taste, preference and wants are changing day by day that too at a greater pace, and in order to satisfy them and understand it is really very important every company to adopt for the fastest means of communication with your customers.

Very informative post.

This is basically why we have customer service

Very true. This is why we have customer service, right? Our customer service are basically set up to listen to customers' concern and provide resolution to the issues of the customers.

I think great customer

I think great customer service boils down to the way both Suppliers and Customers handle situations. I am registered on a website called which allows me to write reports about my Suppliers - whether good or bad - and they have a fair chance to respond.

As this research shows you

As this research shows you can’t treat customer channel preferences in isolation – people will want to use different channels at different times but do expect consistency across every interaction. Organisations need to invest in centralised knowledge to power every channel, rather than adopting a silo-based approach which will create inconsistency and waste a customer’s time.

I think the incredible

I think the incredible success of ZenDesk and Bitrix24 shows that adding elements of social media into customer support works well for both parties.

It is not the one way

It is not the one way technique but it has to be by both parties support client and customer

As every customers are

As every customers are unique, they have various needs. As we cater their priorities we become flexible in order to meet the needs. There are customers that are indecisive and challenging so in our business we must be aggressive and creative in order for us to become their partners. Show them what we've got and what our company can do to make them much more better.

Yeah that is must I can share

Yeah that is must I can share this with my own experience that customers seek attention and want that their time should be value by giving them proper attention and solve their queries.