Don't Outsource Your Customer Service Operations To Cut Costs

Outsourcing contact center operations helps organizations deliver better customer service. In Forrester’s recent survey of 304 North American and European network and telecommunications decision-makers, we found that nearly 20% have already outsourced some or all of their contact center seats or are very interested in doing so. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition — organizations can leverage outsourcers to fill language gaps or react quickly to seasonal volume changes. Organizations can also choose to outsource only a subset of non-mission-critical customer service processes.

In all cases, outsourcing is major decision which carries a significant amount of management overhead, and should not be pursued solely as a cost-control strategy. Look to outsource if you want to:

  • Improve the quality of services delivered. Leading outsourcers adhere to strict quality measures that allow them to support customers more consistently and use tools and techniques that promote cost-effective and reliable standards.
  • Focus on core business activities. Using the expertise of an outsourcer whose primary business is managing contact centers allows you to focus on core business activities that strengthen your value proposition.
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience. Many companies use processes that are inefficient and don’t deliver the same customer experience across the voice, electronic (e.g., email, chat, SMS), and social (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) customer interaction channels. Outsourcers can help standardize this experience.
  • Scale capacity up and down. Organizations can’t always predict the volume of interactions they anticipate over time. Outsourcers allow you to quickly ramp up or contract enabling you to deliver service in line with your  target service levels.
  • Mitigate risk. Your organization may have core contact centers located in geographic areas prone to natural disasters. Outsourcing can be integral to a disaster recovery mitigation plan.

Next up: How to choose an outsourcer for your customer service operations.

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Hi Kate,

Absolutely, and if you DO decide to outsource then don't choose your vendor based on price. Of course, long term cost savings is no doubt a key motive in deciding to outsource but making the decision to outsource with the sole intention of saving money will be detrimental to the success of the outsource relationship in the future. It requires time to find the suitable vendor, not just deciding based on price. However, having said all that, when outsourcing is done effectively businesses really can and do reap the benefits.


May I add that there should

May I add that there should be no 'main' motive. Be it cost savings/price or anything else. It should be an informed decision based on price, return on investment, growth, etc!


I got the same reservations

Hi I would like to say that outsourcing is really worth if you save lot of operation cost with quality of services in return .
so you have to be very much care full prior to outsource any kind of services .