Customer Service Via Facebook - Engage Your Customers Where They Spend Their Time

Wired Magazine states that the four most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. Facebook alone has 500 million users, and users collectively spend more than 3 billion hours on this site, or more than 55 minutes a day per person. It’s a vertitable interaction hub, where many businesses have a significant presence, and their pages are an integral part of their brand identity.

Many of these fan pages offer information pertinent to their consumers, as well as coupons to entice customers to their brand. Dell, for example, has done a great job with its social media resource for small businesses. Understanding that small business owners buy computers, by offering them this resource, small business owners interested in social media keep Dell top of mind.

As consumers spend more time on these Facebook pages, a natural extension is for companies to be able to provide sales and customer support directly from these pages. Check out, for example, 1-800-Flowers’s Facebook page, where you can do just that.

Multichannel customer service vendors understand that Facebook is now a shopping and service destination, and they're extending their core multichannel products to offer apps that install a “Support" tab on a company’s wall. 

Once a user (customer or prospect) clicks on this tab, they can engage with the community or a customer service agent without ever leaving the site. Capabilities that will become standard include:

  • Searching for an answer in forum posts as well as in a corporate knowledgebase.
  • Rating forum and knowledge posts.
  • Recommending forum posts to be added to the corporate knowledgebase.
  • Logging a case and getting an answer to the case directly from the Support tab.
  • Proposing an idea and tracking its reception.
  • Emailing or chatting with a customer service agent.

 Check out Parature, eGain, RightNow, Get Satisfaction, and Genesys. These vendors all can do most of what is on this list.


Good insight

The best part about Facebook, and Twitter alike, is that it brings you closer to your customers. You remove the nonsense in between and it is as close to direct contact or face to face time as any company will ever come.

The only reason people follow celebrities on Twitter is because they are under the impression that their favorite actor, athlete or personality is not being censored. We all seek genuine interaction. Facebook offers that opportunity, hence the reason it should be part of every Customer Service strategy.