Making the best use of mobile

Mobile marketing.  It's new.  Some marketers are happy to experiment while others look on with skepticism until the channel matures.  Christine Overby and Charlie Golvin helped Forum participants navigate this new channel:  they're like peanut butter and jelly - Christine comes at mobile from the marketing side and Charlie approaches marketing from the mobile side.  Both believe that mobile is a viable marketing channel, but marketers need to embrace the warts in the mobile experience as features not shortcomings.

The crowd at the Forum, not surprisingly, is ahead of the curve in their use of mobile:  texting, mobile Internet, and applications.  But, Forrester data shows that only a third of mobile phone owners send or receive a text message, and only 11% use the mobile Internet.  What do early adopters look like? No surprise:  they're younger (almost 80% of 18-24 year olds use any form of messaging). Surprisingly and related to what I wrote earlier that the US was behind in their use of QR codes, use of the mobile Internet in the US and Europe is equivalent. 

How can marketers make the best use of the mechanisms available in the US today?  Mobile marketing need not be limited to emerging or cutting-edge brands - marketers like Crest used messaging to promote toothpaste. American Cancer Society utilized search marketing on mobile because their constituency needed to make decisions on the go. Mobile has the promise to be the ultimate one to one marketing tool:  it is personal and measurable.  It's good at multiple points along the marketing funnel. But, campaigns need to be targeted to the right audience, sensitive to small screen and the personal nature of the device, and ensure that they're creating value to encourage consumers to engage with brands. Some best practices? Go for mobile tie-ins; don't over-engineer; adopt pragmatic targeting; embrace simplicity.


re: Making the best use of mobile

The number for the mobile internet in Europe (Switzerland, UK, Germany) is much more around 25%. 25% use the mobile internet at least once a month.In Japan the figure is slightly different:55% at least once per day;)

re: Making the best use of mobile

Until recently, the high costs of running a mobile campaign here in the US has deterred small to medium sized businesses from using mobile marketing.Just today we did some research on a competitor to find they were charging a $25,000 setup fee for something that we do for $250.00.More consumers would be interacting with businesses and brands if it was being used more by the companies you interact with daily.We're getting tremendous results from businesses such as hair salons, restaurants, retail stores and other ordinary everyday small businesses.Give them something of value, and the consumer is thrilled to receive occasional messages from you.It's just a matter of time here in the US.

re: Making the best use of mobile

SignTive launches a new version of Mobile Marketing Pro: 2.0With the new release of Mobile Marketing Pro (, mobile marketing reaches small and medium businesses. Mobile Marketing Pro 2.0, is the result of more than 3 years of software development, extended according the work done jointly with our customers.Small and medium businesses are actually excluded from Mobile Marketing due to the high costs, technical complexity, lack of software and the need of third parties or direct phone carrier negotiation that provide SMS services. Mobile Marketing Pro allows small and medium businesses to establish a new relationship with their customers, through SMS delivery and reception, using cell phones connected to a personal computer. This way businesses can cut costs and maintain their customers security and privacy: the customers database remains in their custody."We wanted people to use Mobile Marketing Pro not only for Mobile Marketing, and allow for small and medium businesses to bring new services to their customers, so we make it easy to connect Mobile Marketing Pro to their systems with little or no programming. This way they can setup SMS information services like: SMS payments remainder, SMS tech support requests and whatever their creativity brings up..."Mobile Marketing Pro, as it's name states, allows to create mobile marketing campaigns through delivery and reception of SMS text messages with keywords (also known as two way SMS). Also you can create SMS information services with an automated subscription and deletion system, that can be used to send news letters or other type of information. Using the personalization system it's easy to create identifiers that can be used in discount coupons, invitations or prizes and send them in SMS text messages."We have also included plug-in capability (small software components that extend the functionality of the system) and this version include the SMS Background Music plug-in at no additional cost. SMS Background Music can be connected to the audio system at your location so your customers can request and change the music they are listening... this plug-in demonstrates that we are not only thinking on marketing and we want to enable small and medium businesses to bring new services and establish new relationships with their customers".SMS Background Music interacts with Microsoft Windows Media Player and can import playlists that you have defined there. It generates codes for each song that your customers can use to request them sending SMS text messages. It also implements an smart ranking system to determine which song goes first and lets you define other parameters, that, for example, avoid to play twice the same song. From the marketing view point, SMS Background Music relates each song with customers who request them so you can identify their music preferences easily.Mobile Marketing Pro has it's own cell phone server that allows 16 cell phones simultaneously sending and receiving SMS text messages. It runs on Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista.The is sold through Internet at starting at €99 for one cell phone license and €20 for each additional cell phone license. At the site you can download the free demo version or watch the online flash demo.More information:Contact us at: press@mobilemarketingpro.comOther press resourcesPermission is here by granted to freely distribute with your publication in CD or Internet the freely available "Mobile Marketing Pro 2.0 Demo" executable.You can download it from: http://www.mobilemarketingpro/downloadScreenshot available for publishing: information can be requested by email to: