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Winter is still blowing strong here in Boston, which is one reason we're all looking forward to Forrester's Marketing Forum in Miami, April 11-12.  The theme?  Reinventing Marketing for Customer Centricity -- it's been a key part of our research.  Five event tracks focus on 1) Organization and Culture, 2) Tactics and Best Practices, 3) Partners and Technology, 4) Measurement, Metrics, and ROI, and 5) Customer Data and Insight.  Why should you join us?  Your customers' behavior looks different daily and continues to morph; new channels attract your attention; you need help keeping up, changing, and justifying marketing's role in defining a new strategy.  Not to mention we have some fantastic speakers: analysts from our own Marketing research team and other research teams and outside speakers like Lester Wunderman, the "father" of direct marketing, and Eric Kintz, CMO at HP.  As we get closer to the Forum, we'd like to hear from you:  How is your marketing organization starting to become more customer-centric?  And, what would you most like to gain from our Marketing Forum?



re: Marketing Forum: Join Us

Thanks Julie, I look forward to joining you guys in Florida!Eric

re: Marketing Forum: Join Us

i believe that becoming more user centric goes beyond just enabling your websites users to add their own opinions and voice to your website (forums, blog comments etc) though i am 100% on board with doing so.In my organization (I'm a b2b marketer) we are shifting our focus from optimizing our sites performance in terms of shortest route ot end sale, to better understanding how we can help our users in doing their job better or more efficiently use our product. we are doing so by first, asking our user. Giving them a mode of sending feedback to us on how we can better serve them. We are surveying our existing userbase to see what additional information we can give them to aid them in addressing their sourcing need.We are also looking to third party research on user trends, such as provided by forrester and other industry leaders in b2b. The president of eFunda )(engineering fundamentals) actually just did an interview with ThomasNet on what their organization has found taht engineers need ('s important to me to focus not only on giving the user the medium to add theor voice to your brand/website - but also to act on what they are saying.