Five things you didn't know about an anonymous team member

Thanks, Pete, for the opportunity to introduce myself.  Since I’ve never posted before, my life is a blank slate to readers.  Here’s a snippet:

  1. I'm Julie Katz, one of the team’s two researchers.  In this role, I manage our panels and marketing surveys, analyze quantitative and qualitative data, conduct research, and write.  Send me an email or post a comment if you’re interested in:
    • Joining our panels (interactive marketers, database marketers, B2B marketers, or general marketers)
    • Taking our Benchmarking survey (covers measurement, emerging channels, and marketing technology -- currently in the field)
    • Learning more about our panel-based research
  2. Before joining Forrester, I had a bunch of different interesting jobs/careers (five things right here) including:
  3. I survived a knife fight.  On a trip to Morocco a couple years ago, my husband and I were stalked by two men in Casablanca.  My husband used his soccer instincts to kick the men away – I just screamed.  Luckily, this happened the last day of our trip – after we had followed a sketchy merchant into the depths of the medina in Fez to bargain for some pottery and an iron gate.
  4. As a sophomore in college, I invited Cornell’s new president to my apartment for dinner.  We served him spaghetti and burnt garlic bread.
  5. I’d like to pursue my outside interests (cooking--my skills have improved considerably since college, travel, art, and yoga) but my 10-month old baby eats up all of my time – so I settle for reading blogs about them instead. 

Pete already tagged the rest of the team, so I'll end my game of tag here.