QR Codes - How Will You Drive Awareness? A Local Case Study

I was walking through DuPont Circle in Washinton DC last week. I stumbled upon Axis Salon. I was so intrigued by the glass storefront that I had to hang up the phone and stare. The salon front was COVERED in QR codes!!!


Close-up of shop name:

Instructions to download: (they recommend 3GVision's i-nigma)

They should be telling consumers more about what phones are compatible, probably. There should probably be more instructions, but at least they OFFER instructions.

Scan the code ... link to a Web site with a coupon.

It's pretty basic, but very effective. They must have a lot of people asking. It's certainly driving buzz - I mentioned it to a couple of people I met in DC, and they knew about it. Partial instructions available. Lack of compatibility with most phones ... maybe an issue, but those who don't know about 2D codes are probably also less likely to ask. Fun.



QR Codes case study

Thanks, Julie! It looks like they hit all the right marks when executing the campaign. As marketers "discover" QR Codes, we're seeing lots of mistakes -- including Web landing pages that aren't optimized for mobile browsers, or don't give the customer a meaningful, engaging experience.

Check out Warbasse Design (http://www.warbassedesign.com) for some really good examples of how the print-to-mobile (or even TV-to-mobile) experience can benefit a marketing campaign.

QR codes are step 1

This is a good 1st step for leading edge retailers. Of course, an automated tie in to the POS is also required for a good customer experience. Also, consumers will probably quickly tire of the '10%' off hook. The next step is a loyalty program where the retailers best customers are continually upgraded (ala frequent flyer points, buy 6 get 1 free coffee cards, etc).

That means a more comprehensive 'back end' system to keep track of and manage the loyalty programs. One of our applications at http://www.altnewworld.com is doing something similar with http://www.layar.com.

@royce - You're correct, QR

@royce - You're correct, QR Tags can create what amounts to mini Location Based networks, but, instead of sticking Facebook, Foursquare, Gowalla or others in the "middle," a retailer can run a private LBS directly with their customers (secure and private).

The "backend" need not be elaborate. You merely have to track a user over multiple sessions and store a few minor items for this to be successful.

Remember, people use their phones for text message engagement most of the time. Whether SMS, IM or WAP chat, running a QR/LBS campaign that centers on textual conversations is a winning combination.