Motorola CLIQ Delights with Social Networking Capabilities

by Julie Ask

I had the opportunity to demo MOTOBLUR on the Motorola CLIQ last night. The device will be available later this year with T-Mobile. It’s been a while since I’ve demo’ed a phone and immediately wanted to take one home.

First, let me say, I was really impressed with the look of the UI. The presentation of the widgets and information had a bit of a whimsical feel to them that appealed to me. I didn’ t feel as if I were clicking my way through a grid or file format. The pop-up boxes were cute. The device allows you to put your most frequently contacts on the home screen as an icon with a small photo – I was really drawn to this feature. [Forrester has written some research on dynamic address books and friendly UI's within the context of mobile social networking. ]

Spent most of my time focused on the social networking aspects. There were a number of features I really liked.

- The set up of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, etc. is really easy. When you are first setting up your phone, you go into a single menu and can set up all of your services. They also have a single account management page where the information is stored. Really easy and doesn’t require the search, find and download of many different applications.

- Feeds into the Contact list from Facebook, etc. The Contacts are “rich” with information from feeds, conversation history, etc.

- Publishing of updates/photos – can post to a single place or to many (yay!) I spent a lot of time flipping between Facebook and Twitter the other day … well done in solving this pain.

- Widgets … and this falls in one of the themes of the services on the device – there was choice – single news feed or a bundle of weather, sports, news, etc. – and the personalization and selection of services was so easy

-They really hit on a lot of the core services used by consumers with what already ships on the device – good messaging interface (history, integrated, linked to contacts, easy to set up), social networking, and information (news, sports – through widgets, feeds).

And, the presentation of the status updates, news feeds, contacts, etc. on the fun, personalizaed home screen. I don’t know that this is the next Razr, but I think it will do well – it’s fun and does so many things well.

Oh, and it’s Motorola’s first Android device. I’ll leave the review and analysis of the device to my colleague Charlie Golvin.


re: Motorola CLIQ Delights with Social Networking Capabilities

When we look back at our life before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and every other site of that kind on the internet, was it really that hard to communicate before? Sometimes, it’s nice to know people took the time out of their day to do something like that. It might be easier to send your friend a message or contact someone via tweet, but it really means a lot less than taking the time to focus on just one person and let them know you’re thinking about them. Maybe if we took more time to communicate in person, we’d really create a connection that doesn’t involve the internet.