Online Testing and Targeting Platforms - We want your input!

Greetings from beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, where I'm at the 2010 Omniture Summit. It's been a good week, I must say that my favorite part has been the opportunity to meet with so many web analytics practitioners, friends, Forrester clients and the Omniture team.  If you didn't attend but are interested in getting a feel for the event, check out the Twitter hashtag, #omtrsummit.

I am pleased to announce that this week we are initiating the research process for the inaugural Forrester Wave™ evaluation of Online Testing and Targeting platforms.  We plan to publish this Wave report in the third quarter of 2010. Upon completion this research will be distributed to senior marketing executives at hundreds of large marketing organizations globally.

The first phase of the process is to determine the field of vendors who comprise the Online Testing and Targeting landscape.  We have already identified and contacted a number of companies who participate in the market via previous research efforts.

Forrester is actively innovating our use of social media, and this extends to the research process.  I would like to solicit your input through two modes of participation:

1. If you are a practitioner, please share which Online Testing and Targeting vendors you currently or have previously used.  Also please let me know if you would be interested in receiving followup communications to discuss your experiences with vendors and online testing in general.

2. If you represent a vendor in the Online Testing and Targeting space and would like to be considered for inclusion in the Wave report please let me know and we'll send you  our preliminary vendor survey to complete and submit.

Please feel free to respond via comment on this blog, Twitter (my handle is noted above), or if you prefer to have a private discussion let me know and we can arrange a mutually agreeable time to communicate via other means.

I'm really excited about this research.  Testing and Targeting has been a major topic of discussion with Forrester clients and I hope it will be relevant and useful for you as well.

Thanks in advance


Just this guys opinion but

Just this guys opinion but site testing and personalization/targeting are different things. It might serve people better if there was a wave that looked at these areas individually.

Separation of Testing and Targeting Research

Hi Michael, thanks for the astute comment. I completely agree with you that Testing and Targeting, although sometimes packaged together by suppliers, are in fact different, and thus deserve their own treatment from a vendor evaluation perspective. For this particular Wave report I will be focused primarily on Online Testing, namely A/B and Multivariate testing. Testing is a very hot topic right now for Forrester clients, and we believe that this research is long overdue. Given the intensive nature of the Forrester Wave methodology, it would difficult, if not impossible to cover both testing and targeting capabilities in a single Wave report with a sufficient level of clarity and vendor coverage. So we'll start with Testing, and see how the market drives the need for additional research on Targeting.

Preliminary Survey

I would love to see the preliminary survey for online testing and targeting. Thank you (