Japan loses interest in Social Networking?

Jeff Lippold at Diamond Agency has written a post to examine some new data from Synovate that suggests that Japan may be losing interest in Social Networking.

I need to read the Synovate report for myself, and I will look at the next results from Forrester's surveys of Japanese consumers to see if I see the same thing... Can't do that right now, I'm afraid.

I think Jeff is spot on with his view that Japanese Social Computing is often Web1.0 at heart. In particular, I agree with his observation that anonymity and lack of segmentation (trying to cater for the "general population") hold back the possibilities for Social Computing.

Could Japan's fickle consumers decide that SNS was just another fad and "move on"?

Somehow I cannot imagine it. (Move on to what? Long socks and tiramisu?). Is it possible to have a "camel" shaped adoption curve...?


re: Japan loses interest in Social Networking?

Hi Jonathan.Thanks for sharing this. I also doubt that social web is a dying fad. Looking at Google Trends and how Mixi is in decline could be some sign that this web 1.0 SNS is not so hot. At the same time, Facebook is on the rise in Japan. Here is a recent post I did on this trend: http://japansocialmediamarketers.ning.com/profiles/blogs/trends-for-thre... also wanted to share with our newly started Japan Social Media Marketers community that often references Forrester's data and research. Would love to see your thoughts in our community:http://japansocialmediamarketers.ning.comBest,Lance