changes to my internet banking account

130 pages of information from MUFG to tell me about changes to my internet banking account



This is the same bank that has taken all their ATMs offline for 3-4 days at a time recently, and putting commercials on TV in order to apologize to their customers.I say switch banks.


Thanks for the advice Gen.I guess I'm just a typical consumer with a phobia of moving his checking account. I dread my salary going missing or my bills being charged from the wrong account etc.When I was living in England, my bank managed to annoy me so much that I snapped and overcame the inertia to change banks. But right now, my fear outweighs my dissatisfaction.BTW - I should also have mentioned that my wife and I have three accounts with BTMU, so we received three identical packages with the same 130 pages of information. And we thought that internet banking would be gentle on the trees...