Forrester's PaaS Wave: Salesforce & Microsoft Lead, But The Race Is Far From Over

In Forrester's 149-criteria evaluation of 10 platform-as-a-service (PaaS) vendors, we found that Microsoft and led the pack because of their comprehensive features for application development and delivery pros and strong strategies in the category. Cordys, LongJump, Caspio, WorkXpress, WaveMaker, and Google were the next-strongest vendors (in order) in our analysis, followed by OrangeScape and Tibco Software. Our analysis shows which PaaS vendors are best for professional developers and which are best for business developers. Our analysis also reveals a very immature market with lots of potential risks for buyers.

The PaaS market is a sprawling, fast-changing, and immature market. Most PaaS vendors are small, and even big vendors like Google and Microsoft have incomplete, new products. has the most mature PaaS, but it just acquired an entirely new PaaS product (Heroku), and its fit into the portfolio and strategy isn't yet clear. The PaaS market's immaturity is also evident in the relatively low scores registered by many of the vendors in our Wave analyses. Whereas many Forrester Waves have four or more Leaders, ours only has two.

Our evaluation of PaaS products for professional developers ("coders") uncovered a market in which — one of the PaaS pioneers — has built a powerful product, market position, and strategy and in which Microsoft has quickly also built a leading position.

Our evaluation of PaaS products for business developers ("business experts") uncovered a market in which is the only Leader. But upstart vendors — most notably Caspio and WorkXpress — provide very strong alternatives. Microsoft does not appear in this analysis because it does not yet offer tools for business experts in its Azure product line.

Forrester clients: See for the full report.

My colleague, Stefan Ried, used the same data on our 10 PaaS vendors and their products to create analyses for ISVs and service providers. Forrester clients: See Stefan’s report here:


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Just saw the report. very insightful. Also glad to see's platform getting traction.

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A proposed PaaS evaluation framework

The Forrester PaaS framework presents a thoughtful evolution of application platform capabilities. As we are early on in the PaaS revolution, we have an opportunity to define Cloud Architecture and supporting infrastructure capabilities.

I have proposed an alternative perspective and scored leading Java PaaS vendors. You can use the work in conjunction with Forrester's Wave to build an RFP, identify use cases, and select PaaS providers.

An evaluation framework and scorecard of Oracle Public Cloud, IBM Application Services, Amazon AWS BeanStalk, CloudBees RUN@Cloud, RedHat OpenShift, VMWare CloudFoundry, Heroku, Google App Engine, Apprenda, Microsoft Windows Azure, and WSO2 Stratos PaaS across 7 categories and 80+ evaluation criterion can be found within the Selecting a Cloud Platform white paper published at

Let me know your thoughts. What criterion is required or optional?