If Dr. Seuss Could Comment Upon IoT, This Is What He Might Say...

Things Run Amok
by John Kindervag
(To be read in the style of Dr. Seuss)

We live in a world all interconnected
But how in the world will it get all protected?
Some bad boys and girls will try to infect it
Making the internet all broken-neck-ed
When Timmy B-Lee created the net
He just couldn’t see it would be such a threat:
“People are nice and they’ll do the right thing”
But, wow, it turns out that people are mean.
When the web first began we could count each device
We could even count each device almost twice!
But there’s so many Things now connected you see,
It must really amaze ol’ Timmy B-Lee!
All of the futurists cackle with glee
Now that we’ve given each Thing IP!
A magical protocol that sets all Things free!
The Cat In the Hat had Thing 1 and Thing 2
Think of the mischief that those two could do!
But what if he had a Thing 3 and Thing 4?
More mischief they’ll add as we add more and more!
Soon we’ll be so exceedingly Thinged,
It seems that the darn Things have grown wings!
A Thing-zillion of these will drive us all crazy
So we better make sure we don’t all get lazy!
“What is a Thing?” I hear you dare ask.
The effort of answering has become quite a task!
A Thing is something that’s real I would think
That whirls or spins; it moves or it blinks!
A Thing has a tiny computer that talks
With other Things, or even humans that walk.
Maybe you control your Thing from your phone
And manage your Thing when you’re not at home!
Some of your Things I’m sure you will wear
Wrapped on your arm or stuck in your hair!
Some wish so hard for Things they can drive,
Pushing bright buttons on a digital ride!
Think of having Things fill your kitchen,
You’ll tap on your iPad to make dinner bitchin’!
Your fridge is a Thing that will keep your SPAM cold
But it will send SPAM out too, if the hackers gets hold!
See hackers will look for things they can break
And then find some juicy data to take!
Your data they will then turn into cash
And your reputation they will turn into trash!
This is the future of Things run amok
If all that you do is rely on your luck!
So put on your Thing hat and 
And consider your Things that whirl, spin or blink!
Carefully protect your things from all hackers
So that your company doesn’t get smackered!
It’s a whole different world than when Timmy B-Lee
Created the web world for you and for me!



funny post, very creative.

Love it!

Given this morning's revealed vulnerability to SSL, this feels apropos. My only problem -- Dr. Seuss would never use the word "bitchin."

He might if he had to find a

He might if he had to find a rhyme for Kitchen ;-)

A verse, two, or three for the good Dr. Suess!

I started this voyage a long time ago,
motivated to improve upon the darned status quo,
but barrier upon barrier to adoption we found,
to logical solutions for Timmy's compound.

Fear not dear Seuss for all is not lost,
lessons to your students have not been forgotten;
and their imagination lives on long after you've passed,
...hackers be damned for being so spoiled and rotten,
for all the pain and cost in the code you have hashed,
but this is after all between evil and good,
and we all know who wins... just as we should.

The solutions discovered were not as expected;
turns out neural networks requires quite the detective!
Not only are humans more naughty than Tim thought,
but even Vint sighed at what the web did wrought .

Neural networks means physics and math to the nth degree,
and issue upon issue that were very difficult to see,
but Tim wasn't as wrong as many would believe,
in terms of semantics, he wasn't so crazy…

While marketing isn't a scientist's forte',
there's truth in them words up in the browser's cache'.
A network of humans, things, and machines we do share,
but boy ol boy is consensus on standards a bear!

Though this has been fun looking back on this tale,
sad truth is that day job is calling my name,
so in a last gasp for something good that may rhyme,
please allow me a few more moments of your time,
for one thing this detective in me did find,
are some clues to rescuing this sad concubine.

It's important to understand that in this network of nodes,
transparency is essential in finding the mother lode.
Not only do we need to identify the perp,
before he can hurt us--that darn little twerp,
but to achieve sustainable networks we desperately need,
it was necessary to design and nurture a VERY durable seed.

Many other clues on our voyage were found,
and as much as I'd like to share new route with the world,
my wife constantly reminds me of the profound;
"we're not getting any younger you old fool!"

So an economist he isn't the inventor Sir Timothy,
yet money is critical even looking at it scientifically,
and while sharing is good to a point my old friends,
the owner of the IC must determine the stipend!

Good news that our soils were fertile and moist,
and even fiercest storms didn't ruin the crop,
so ya'll bring the truck by with the big hoist,
and start plucking the fruit before the founder goes plop.

So tell all your neighbors and those far afield
….anyone seeking solutions… to harvest Kyield!

who knew computer security

who knew computer security could be so cute...