UK Brands Have Upped Their CX Game

We’re pleased to announce that this year’s UK Customer Experience Index report is now live! The report is based on Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) methodology, which measures how well a brand's customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers.

Overall, it’s been a good year for UK brands, with the percentage of good and OK scores increasing thanks to a significant drop in poor scores. We found that:
  • Six of the eight industries surveyed improved their average score.
  • Twenty-four of the 56 brands surveyed made significant improvements in their experiences.
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Which French, German, And UK Brands Create The Most Loyalty With Their Customer Experience

Don’t miss the latest in a series of reports we've published about the state of customer experience around the world. We have told you how companies in India, Australia, China,the US, and Canada perform. It’s time to shed some light on the European CX landscape, by looking at which French, German, and UK brands create the most loyalty with their customer experience. There’s good news and bad news in this latest CX Index report. Let's get the bad news out of the way first: 

  • The majority of brands in the UK, Germany, and France deliver mediocre experiences. In an era where customer obsession is the best strategy for winning and retaining customers,the unfortunate reality is that no brands in the UK, Germany, or France achieved excellent scores, and only 12% and 14% received a good score in the UK and Germany, respectively.
  • Not a single brand’s CX in France achieved even a good score. Adding to the bad news, 5% of French brands ranked in the very-poor category. 
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Retailers And Mutual Insurers Lead In The Customer Experience Index, France 2014

By now, you have probably seen the first in a series of reports we are publishing about the state of customer experience in Europe — "The Forrester Customer Experience Index, UK 2014." The second installment — "The Forrester Customer Experience Index, France 2014," paints a similar picture of how French companies are mostly disappointing their consumers. In both the UK and France, no brand was given an “excellent” score, and in France, the majority of consumers rate their experiences as “very poor,” “poor,” or “OK.”

By asking some 2,000 French consumers if their experiences with leading brands met their needs, were easy, and were enjoyable, we are able to provide a benchmark of the quality of customer experience for 38 French brands across eight industries — including airlines, banks, electronics manufacturers, hotels, retailers, TV service providers, wireless service providers, and insurers.

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Technology And The Customer Experience

I am a new senior analyst on the customer experience team, based in London, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share some thoughts about my first report. My areas of expertise include digital customer experience, measurement, strategy, customer understanding, and design. For my first report, I have decided to tackle a topic that occupied a lot of my time as a customer experience (CX) practitioner, namely technology.

As a former customer experience practitioner, I found myself gravitating between the driver seat, the passenger seat, and the backseat when it came to technology decisions — part buyer, part advisor, and part bystander. I worked closely with IT on digital CX and had some very fruitful interactions with IT colleagues about customer experience in general — and customer journey and ecosystem mapping, in particular. I also experienced firsthand the fragmentation of IT spending as more business owners spend more from their own budgets on IT in order to win, retain, and engage with customers. And of course, as many of you, I witnessed IT projects derail or gain a life of their own, to the detriment of the customer experience. Technology is everywhere, every business is now a digital business, and customer experience professionals are facing a tsunami of technology choices as the tech industry enters a period of unprecedented innovation and more and more vendors align themselves with the customer experience buzz. In this first report, I want to explore:

  • How involved are customer experience professionals in technology decisions? Are they in a position to influence these decisions?
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