Do you know what Widgets, Applications, and Canvas Pages are?

Thinking of deploying a widget in Facebook or other online community? First, you'll need to know the three different types that can be deployed. Rodney Rumford shares with us the difference between widgets, applications, and canvas pages. 

What should Interactive Marketers do before deploying widgets? He shares his strategic viewpoint that aligns very well with the Forrester POST methodology.  Find out how widgets can be used for interactive social games resulting in an engaging communities around a brand.

I was speaking at a conference regarding web communities, and while in the audience, I listened very carefully to the speakers, some of which I follow up with for research interviews.  These videos are turning into a supplement that glean the highlights I learn from the research interviews. I'd love your feedback on these mini-interviews, are they helpful? 

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]


re: Do you know what Widgets, Applications, and Canvas Pages ar

Ok, I’ll try to keep this short. Your interview here with Rodney ties with your larger question of Are we moving too fast? Here’s how, the widget is the “application” of this decade compared to enterprise type apps of the 90s the last time tech was moving this fast.These widgets have compressed time to development and market to weeks. That POST concept is churning out product and the market itself is determining whether there is life in that widget. The cost is fractions of what it was 15 years ago and because of that the benefits of doing the market research are considerably less. The fact is once you launch the product in these networks, you’ll get all the market research you need.Rumford is a classic entrepreneur and made for this POST concept. How do I know this? Way back in the web time machine he was on one of the lead cars in the podcasting space. If you want to hear Rodney in his earlier days we pulled this out of the Marketing Edge podcast vault from July 2005 . The guy is always thinking about how new challenges can be solved. I love some of the stuff he’s doing on Facebook.Great catch in between sessions Jeremiah.All the best,

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Albert, great trend analysis. Yes, development now is fast and furious and community platforms give a development teams instant access to communities, permissions, and network spread.Despite the tools moving quick and being easy to deploy the one thing that still remains constant is the need for strategy, process, plans and objectives.

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I think that no matter how fast the market and its innovation are moving we still need a planful approach. No matter how small the investment in a single widget it is still an investment. Even if rapid failure and learning are the plan then there needs to be some thinking around the areas for development and learning so that the waves of sacrificial widgets can contribute to the successful ones. If velocity is a given then there needs to be a plan to make our widget development successful and competitive under the emerging market conditions.

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Thanks DJ. An "iteration strategy" certainly makes sense for a sandbox like this.I suspect most widget developers aren't thinking that far off, most are very lean development shops with limited resources.