Digital Disruption Is Coming Your Way: A Preview Of My Keynote Address

Join me in Chicago on October 27-28 as I help you prepare for digital disruption.

Not old-school disruption, the kind you've heard of before, that takes years to develop and decades to have its devastating effect. I'm talking about digital disruption -- a better, stronger, faster version of disruption that is running rampant across industries as divergent as book publishing, cosmetics, and auto insurance. Digital disruptors are people and companies that use digital tools to: 1) remove traditional barriers to entry; 2) produce better products and services; and 3) build digital relationships with your customers that forever relegate you to the margins of your customer's thoughts and plans. And they do all of this faster than you can.

It's what makers of the app Lose It! are doing to the dieting business (and what their competitors at Daily Burn are trying to do to the folks at Lose It!); it's what Garmin is poised to do to personal training; it's what our magic mirror will undoubtedly do to the beauty and wellness business; and it's what every digital disruptor is plotting to do to your business right now.

Beat them by joining them. Become digital disruptors yourselves before it's too late. How? By stealing crucial pages from the digital disruptor's handbook. Check out this video summary to hear more about The Disruptor's Handbook.

I invite you to hear more from me about digital disruptors and how to prepare your organization to think, act, and succeed as a digital disruptor does. Attend our upcoming Consumer Forum in Chicago on October 27-28, where I'll kick off the event with a keynote speech on this very topic. Then look for more information and research from us in the coming year as we fortify you for disruptive battle. See you there.


Rapid lifecycle management to enable digital disruption

James is surely right. The concept of trying out an App and then refining it rapidly to keep ahead of competitors whilst creating demand is a smart one. If you are going to do that over as many possible O/S environment s and device types then you'd better get a platform that enables you both to design once and deploy on many as well as managing the lifecycle of the app so that you can enhance and re-launch it quickly. It's that sort of bold go-to-market approach that will create the winners. At Service2Media we are trying to support digital disrupters with just such a platform.

James, This is really good

James, This is really good perspective. Hearing you describe the weight-loss app (just four people!), brings home how important it is get more nimble. It really is essential for businesses to get out of the tangle and duplication of multiple silos to keep from digitally disrupting themselves, let alone being disrupted by upstarts. Thanks for the preview!