We Are About To Enter The Era Of Experience

There are rare moments in technology when everything changes. When the entire framework defining how we interact with machines (and consequently, each other) shifts perceptibly. That happened when the TV was invented, it happened when the computer mouse was made available commercially. These kinds of changes forever alter our economics, our social life, and our individual experiences.

It's now about to happen again. Only this time, the shift that is coming is on such a large scale that not only will it change things dramatically, it will usher in a new era in human economics (and therefore, everything else). 

We call the new era the Era of Experience. I'm working furiously to complete a report detailing all the specifics so you'll understand what this era entails and, importantly, what you can do to anticipate this era rather than follow it. 

In fact, at our Customer Experience Forum in New York City during the last two days in June, I gave an exclusive preview to the 600+ attendees of what the Era of Experience was. In my speech, I gave a live demo of the PrimeSense technology that the people at Xbox built on to create the Kinect for Xbox 360 platform. This platform incorporates a full-body gesture control interface, voice control, and face recognition. It's as if all the science fiction we've been reading for decades was really just a how-to manual for Kinect. Oh, and this future-defining platform costs all of $149.99 at Amazon.

In a live demo, one immediately grasps that something world-changing is afoot. It's also clear that there is tremendous opportunity (and burden) ahead for those who will be the architects of this era. See the video for my call to these would-be designers of the future.


Customer Experience Era - Customer Worthy Example

James - New era indeed - Read Chapter 1: "My Car had a Discussion with My House Last Night When My Office Interrupted" http://tiny.cc/two2v to get a fuller picture of the customer experience era, a day in the life excerpt and how to manage, measure, visualize and monetize customer interactions. Customer Worthy, Why and How Everyone in Your Organization Must Think Like a Customer is a guidebook for the Customer Experience era and helps doers and exec management deliver on the points in your blog post.

Walmart's RFID in Jeans is a hint at the next wave of Customer Experience what else do you see down the pike?

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A new harmony of human-consumer interaction

Thanks for an inspiring post about sensory interaction in the user experience.
I remember some of the early voice interaction on mobile phones. It was very useful as a hands-off enabler while driving, but the voice interaction was forced and unnatural. You basically had to bark computer commands like a robot.
Voice recognition technology needs to be powered by semantic, natural language technologies.
Jinni has developed a way to automatically extract deep semantic meaning about premium video content and the tastes and moods of individual users - enabling a highly accurate and intuitive video discovery experience.
The next-generation of video discovery will allow users to interact using the same natural language humans have always used to discuss and discover content.
For example, you can ask Jinni to show me an 'uplifting movie about football with underdogs' http://www.jinni.com/s/Jsea
Users no longer need to speak the unnatural language of computer searched - now they can interact naturally to quickly, intuitively find the very best suited video content.

Nikki Ralston