Email Marketing Service Provider Wave

I continue to work on the long awaited ESP Wave report, and yes we do plan to publish it before the end of the year.   This Wave has more vendors than any of our earlier ESP Waves.  It includes the following 15 vendors:

Datran Media
Experian Marketing Services - Cheetahmail
Zeta Interactive

Email marketing’s cost effectiveness is driving a renaissance for the channel, which is resulting in strong growth for the sector. I look forward to helping with your vendor selection process.  Stay tuned for the report…



This is a great list of

This is a great list of providers! We've tried Lyris, but it didn't work out the way we wanted it to. We've used Office Autopilot, too, which isn't on the list. But we're finding the best deliverability to come from IContact right now, and it the mail isn't delivered, it's not worth sending.

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Spread – email marketing software and service is also a professional web-based Email marketing platform.I have already used it and maintain good relationship with clients. It's also works for explore new customers.

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The Email Institute, powered by Epsilon, was founded with the purpose of educating marketers on email marketing best practices and how it intersects with other channels.This is not a news site. This is a best practices site.You will find articles from around the industry that focus on how to make you a better email marketer either by pointing out how-to information on a specific subject or showcasing other company's email marketing efforts. Email Institute will also showcase premium Webinars, events, White papers, and Epsilon primary research and benchmarks to provide in-depth information strategically targeted to increase your email marketing acumen.

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What about Marketo?

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I am using now. It provides user friendly tools that allow me to send and manage email campaigns and list.