Announcing Outside In, The Latest Book From Forrester And The Topic Of Our Upcoming Forum In New York

Since October, I've been heads down on a big project. We're all delighted that the project is now at a point where we can talk about it publicly.

It's Forrester's next book, titled Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. You'll be hearing a lot about it in the coming weeks, both from me and from my co-author Kerry Bodine. And if you want to see what the cover looks like, it's already online here and here.

Although the book won't be available to the general public until August 28th, attendees of our Customer Experience Forum at the end of June will get digital copies of the manuscript.  They'll also hear keynote speeches from some of the people who appear in the book, like Kevin Peters, the president of Office Depot North America; Laura Evans, chief experience officer at The Washington Post; and Laurie Tucker, senior vice president of corporate marketing at FedEx.

If you'd like to get a preview of some of the concepts in the book, check out the video below — and then stay tuned for more announcements!



The book!

Congratulations Harley, Really looking forward to the book and the forum.

Paul! You are right! I agree

Paul! You are right! I agree with you....

Outside In - Can't Wait

Congratulations on the new book, we can't wait to get a copy. One of the services my group focuses on is what we call Employee Applied Customer Focus where we use communication to build employee engagement focused on helping to provide a superior customer experience. I think all can agree that the closer a company's customer focus gets to its employee value proposition, great things happen! Cheers, Bob

Where to chat?

Really enjoying the book so far! Is there a forum or site or group dedicated to discussions around the topics in the book?


Just finished your book. Great content. Would you be interested in speaking at a CX event in Toronto next Apr 2013.