2015 Ten List

Here's my list of the ten things that captured my imagination in 2015. These are my personal views -- not derived from Forrester's research or data. Inevitably, the list starts with Apple...

1) The Apple Watch.  Not bad, not great, a solid "Meh." A pain to keep charged, fussy interface, borderline value. I don't like other people wearing what I am wearing.

2) The new iTunes. A miss-guided hash amalgamating Beats, Radio, streaming, and library. A boat/car that leaks on the water and creaks on the road. Prima facie evidence of the company's difficulty reaching zen simplicity in the post-Steve era. 

3) The 6 Plus iPhone. Best phone I've ever owned. No, it's not too big, and yes, it will fit in your pocket.

4) Apple Photos. Fantastic, simple, easy, transparent. As good as iTunes is bad. 

5) The book Mindset This volume has been around for years, but I finally read it after too many people I trust kept referencing it. Carol Dweck describes what it will take to be successful in the future -- a "learning mindset" versus a "fixed mindset." I bought it for all of my kids for Christmas. A lot of CIOs (you know who you are) should also read it.

6) The Movie Ex Machina. I love sci-fi and computer fiction -- and this movie hit both. The Turing Test gets passed in an unexpected way and the best dance sequence since Pulp Fiction gets thrown in for good measure. A lot of thought-bending talk and philosophy -- go see The Force Awakens if you're looking for Cantina scenes.

7) New Zealand. Take two weeks off, get on a plane, and hike the Abel Tasman trail on the southern island. Then keep going -- to Mt. Cook, Milford Sound, Queenstown and onward. Wonderful people, mind-blowing scenery -- just pay attention to the wrong-side-of-the-road driving. 

8) Sonos. I know it's been around for a while, but I still think this sound system is close to being magical. My music fixation is sated by having a Sonos system wherever I go in my house -- I love to brush my teeth to "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed." And now Sonos is starting to work with streaming services.

9) The Book Revolution In The Head. For Beatles nerds only, Every song the Beatles ever recorded is analyzed, deconstructed, and explained. When I'm flying I take a break from work by reading the analysis while I am listening to the track. If you're a musician this is an amazing look into the creative process and the inspriations that drove John and Paul forward. Unlike one trick ponys like Springsteen, the Beatles were always changing and evolving. Remember that only three and a half years separate "She Loves You" from "A Day in A Life."

10) App of the year: Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America. I have been an amateur birder for years and this app re-energized my interest. It puts maps, pictures, songs, and variations right at your fingertips -- and updating your life list is quick and simple. 

I hope that 2015 was a good year for all -- and that 2016 will reveal some amazing new discoveries.


Great List!

Of course since I agree with most of it, I consider it "great". Listening to my Sonos now - I take a Play1 with me to my winter retreat in Jamaica. Most of the larger streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music) aren't licensed here but I've found a few that do. Like you said, it's magic!

George - best wishes for a happy new year to you and your team!

Fascinating 2015

Things that captured me this year: the Black Lives Matter movement and the different ways it resonated, or didn't, on social media (all over my Twitter feed and nonexistent on my Facebook timeline); GamerGate, in a really awful train-wreck kind of way (and the rise of women in gaming); The Witcher 3 as my game of the year (though I also played amidst post-apocalyptic Boston in Fallout 4 for hours and hours); and Jessica Jones, which thank god for Netflix, I binge-watched in a couple of sittings.

Mindset is a must-read

Second the recommendation on Mindset. I read it a few years ago after a teacher friend recommended it. Her school system had everyone read it so they could start to change the way they talk to kids to foster a learning mindset instead of fixed.

A holistic capture in 2015

I love the holistic perspective of what captured your mind in 2015.
I was primarily captured by the focus on creating a simple and intuitive digital collaboration platform for making better and more efficient decisions now and in the future for everyone, from every where, on any time and from any device.I truly want to help people making order in their digital chaos.