Interactive Marketers For Dummies (CEOs)

The person to the left is your Interactive Marketer. Never heard of her? She works for your Chief Marketing Officer -- here's what she does for you and your company...

1) She knows how to reach your next big market -- the Always Addressable Customer.

One in three US adults is always addressable -- meaning they own and use at least three connected devices, access the Internet multiple times daily, and go online from at least three physical locations. Nearly two in three Generation Y and Xers are always addressable. Your Interactive Marketer intimately tracks this customer and the multiple channels they use. Most importantly, she is continually plotting ways to sell more product to this emerging customer. Joyce Ercolino, the Interactive Marketer at CSL Behring, eloquently puts it this way: "We are the front door of the company. That door has to be beautiful, alluring, and open 24/7." 

2) She can help you innovate your way out of marketing irrelevance.

Forrester’s research shows that Interactive Marketers are true innovators. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily, and companies work to ensure that their interactions with customers rise above the noise to provide relevance and value. As marketing budgets continue to skew digital, the Interactive Marketer provides the agility, technical acumen, and insight into digital customers that can ultimately drive company market share and revenue growth.

If you want to figure out what's going on with your young, digital customers, head down to your marketing department and ask to talk to the Interactive Marketer. She will give you a full briefing on the emerging consumer and how your company is going to cleverly become top-of-mind with this demanding, fickle, and growing group. 


Interactive Marketing - Marketing Optimization

Hi George,

Great connecting with you at the Marketing Forum, and I’m glad our conversation contributed to this blog post.

I think it’s key for the C Suite to understand that Interactive Marketing today is about building relationships that help drive your business. This requires understanding the unique needs of your various customers, creating value-added information for them, and delivering it via relevant channels and devices.

There’s some mindshift on the side of the business needed to create optimized content and programs, but this does create opportunity that can be leveraged across channels.


Joyce Ercolino


Informative, helpful to my team and myself, Thanks

Addressable and Accessible

Always Accessible Employee on the work front. And now, Always Addressable Customer on the consumer front. My kids already get it, and they don't even think about it. The Digital Age marches on.

I've found that the only way

I've found that the only way to break through the wall potential viewers put up towards advertising is to greet them in a way that they put their guard down. Social media is a great way to interact with the public in a non-advertising manner.

It's not rocket scienc

It's not rocket science...get in front of the consumer, provide something of value, at a cost they can appreciate, and good things typically happen. The hard part is softening the edges so they feel welcomed, not bombarded with products and/or services.

Thanks, George. for

Thanks, George. for introducing me to the Interactive Marketer. It’s a revelation. For 25 years, direct mail has brought us great commissions:
Clearer to understand why it’s not working well for Generation Y and Xers. Changing our ways…