Le Web 2011

This conference in Paris is pretty cool. About 50% French attendees and the rest are Americans and Europeans. Venture capital, startups, big vendorites, not much enterprise. Loic and Geraldine put on a great show -- I would estimate that there are 2,000 attendees. 

My talk was titled Three Social Thunderstorms. It covered: 1) Death of the Web, the approach of App Internet, 2) Social is saturated, 3) Enterprise Social is the next big opportunity. 

My presentation in PDF form can found here. You can also find it on YouTube.


sounds interesting!

sounds interesting! unfortunately i don't have time now to read the whole PDF.....

keep up the good work!



If there's a video of the presentation, would love to see that.

Video now embedded

Michael, just want to make sure you saw that George added the video of his speech to his blog post if you'd like to access it above.

That presentation is not

That presentation is not useful. Just some acronyms, click art, and unsubstantiated proclamations. Disappointing.

It's great thinking, please watch the video instead

Any presentation is useful without the speaker. And here the speaker is excellent ;o}

Presentation goes with video


at least watch the video on youtube.com/leweb before commenting on the presentation... thanks George, it was awesome!

Role of Web

Looks like Web is going to become passe and social media would be the ruling medium. But can all the customer service/relationship functions be carried on in the social stage? Would not some aspects of service, access to data/archives etc require the Web?

A cool question

The Web is obviously not going completely away -- hey AM radio persists to this day.

So the interesting question is: "What role will the Web play in a future of surging App Internet?" I have always believed that the Web would be the threshold to the new worlds -- to get an App, fire up the Web, find the App and then get out of the Web. It will be the lowest common denominator -- the fall-back if all else fails or if you run out of local resources. It will always be around in some basic persistent form.


I referred to you in a recent

I referred to you in a recent blog post I did about social media saturation: http://legendarymoves.com/?p=113

Spotify misses on your Chart

Hi George, congratulations for your great presentation at Le Web. I feel more clever since I attended it. Just one question: why Spotify misses on your 4-wave chart?


I didn't put it on the Wave because I ran out of space. But given that the product is highly Internet heavy and not very App-focused, I'd put it out in the Risky Bets territory.


The Death of the web presentation

Congratulation for your awesome presentation in Leweb.For you, the pC and the web/cloud are out to date models at the benefit of APP-Internet model. Just a question : In that model, where do you put data ? In the cloud, in the web ?

Data and App Internet

It will depend on the what job you are trying to solve. But as a generality, data will reside both on the cloud side and the app side. Crude, but workable example: Evernote.


Hi George, thanks again for a

Hi George, thanks again for a great talk. LeWeb had 3,500 participants from 69 countries precisely and there were about 2000 watching your talk in the room.