What Should This Year's "Davos Question" Be?

It's that time of year again -- off to Davos to hang around with people who are way more important than me...

But I need your help. I like to ask everyone I meet at WEF one simple question. Think of it as a mini-survey that gets answered by a cross-section of the business, political, artistic, and altruistic leaders of the world. 

Two years ago I asked everyone: "When will the worldwide recession end?" The results were pretty accurate...

What do you think this year's question should be? I'd love to get your ideas. And if I use your question I'll make sure to give you attribution when I post the results back here.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi George, Here's the

Hi George,

Here's the question on my mind: "What is the one most important action US citizens can take in 2011 to prevent further decline in our competitiveness as a nation?"

Erica Driver, QlikTech

U.S. competitiveness

How about simplifying it to: "How can the U.S. halt its decline?"


Dear George,

I would like to know if the the world economic recovery can continue if the US does not address the deficit issue this year?



Davos Question

George, how about:

What will the Chinese-American economic/political relationship look like 5 years from now?

Bob Cormier

Davos Question

Here is a question for consideration. "As our world further adopts digital media such as audio podcast, pervasive video and e-books, at what point will you stop buying or reading printed publications"?

"If you were to stop reading such printed materials, would your preference be to listen (audio), or to e-read"?

Question : Bottom of the pyramid and Digital Divide gap


The one question that comes to my mind is : How's global economy helping reach out to the bottom of the pyramid and as leaders what actions are considered for bridging the digial divide gap.. Thanks

The nation of Islam and America

Is there any possibility of educating both Islam and the America of a future of mutual respect and cooperation?