Interactive Marketing Forces Companies To Be Better

I was explaining my job to my brother-in-law the other day and what I said made me realize how exciting it is to be an interactive marketer right now. I told him that in the last decade, consumers have gained power across devices and through social media. Now they know quickly if a product will break easily or if a movie is bad, and they can tell each other at mass scale. As a Forrester analyst, it is my job -- not to help marketers trick consumers into buying bad products and seeing bad movies -- but rather, to help change their marketing practice so that they make better products and better movies, and tell consumers about it effectively. It is my job, I went on, to inspire interactive marketers to be catalysts for a new kind of marketing that doesn't take a widget and force it on the market, but rather, gives a consumer something truly valuable.

I'm going to be speaking with my colleague Chris Stutzman at the Marketing Forum in April about the new role of marketers. I'd love to hear your stories about this new marketing style and how you've been a catalyst for creating a better product or service, being more transparent to consumers, or becoming more agile.


A Great time indeed!

Emily yours is a great post and a terrific truth!
We are a very lucky generation. We have the great chance to be the once doing real marketing from scratch. Almost, if not even better, then the one our fathers started to do with the raising of TV.
In my job I'm trying to increase people's awareness of this beautiful moment in the life of a marketeer when you have the unique opportunity to show new marketing ways to your management and explore, test, try, pilot, learn without any benchmark if not what you can read yourself.
It is a great time and we need to make more people conscious that the old TV Centric model is dead. Despite what we can believe here, chatting on a blog, many people out there still feel confident the old paradigm will drive their business...
Last time i watched TV was on the internet!


Hi Luigi, I'm so glad to hear

Hi Luigi,

I'm so glad to hear that! I wonder how your peers relate to your message that TV is dead. At so many companies, TV still takes the most media dollars and drives strategy. I would argue that in some cases, that is probably still the right way for things to work. But of course, so many companies rely much to heavily on TV and ignore the strategic impact of interactive media.
Would love to hear more.


Interactive Marketer insight

Must admit, Emily, I've spent several days considering your recent post. A couple of thoughts:

1. Seems the term 'interactive marketer' is mildly redundant. Clients and agencies must all start thinking like programmers.

2. Development cycles for marketing programs must now be tightly compressed; measured in weeks and days, ideally. And frequently 'debugged' like lines of code.

3. If you can't hang with today's media landscape, go out and make one of your own. The tools are out there for anyone to use. Just add ideas.

My marketing services firm, Sic 'Em, created a brand franchise from scratch, for an insurance client in the San Francisco bay area. The primary brand assets were activated within weeks, for an initiative spanning eight months. And the return exceeded the client investment – so the effort created a 'zero net' footprint on their 2010 budget. Best of all, the program was funded again this year.

Happy to share more details of this program, in anticipation of your Marketing Forum in April.