Behavioral Targeting is on Everyone's Lips

Riley, Emily

Marketers are certainly focusing their efforts on improving the ROI of their campaigns these days. Often, behavioral targeting factors into their plans. This must be why I have so many different projects focusing on BT. In addition to my report that recently came out, I will be presenting a webinar on March 5.  You can sign up here. Finally, I'll be presenting after lunch at the OMMA Behavioral Summit on Thursday the 26th.

BT has a lot of great attributes, namely that marketers can find so much value in aggregating behavior over time. However, I also think we need to see more continuity across the market and that consumers deserve a standard opt-out that they can manage across sites. To hear more, sign up for my webinar or meet me at OMMA. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter.


re: Behavioral Targeting is on Everyone's Lips

Thanks so much for your time on the phone re. BT and predictive analytics for my next column in ClickZ. Will be sure to run it by you before publication.What is your Twitter handle? Would love to follow you.