Can Highly Regulated Industries Be Gamified?


Gamification continues to be a hot topic for interactive marketers, and I expect this trend to continue well into the new year. For one, it's not industry-specific and it has various applications. Vendors like Bunchball, Badgevilleand BigDoor can enable it through their SaaS platforms. CrowdTwist focuses on developing social loyalty and rewards programs but leverages game mechanics. Lithium gamifies online communities. The space is growing — fast.  One of the most interesting things has been the interest I have seen from highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. They see gamification as their ticket to drive different behaviors and actions like losing weight or decreasing your credit card debt.  

Over the next month, I'll be looking for examples in these industries for an upcoming report and for additional research on the space in early next year. How do you think highly regulated industries can benefit from applying game mechanics on their web and mobile properties to drive action? What examples have you seen that you would like to share?


Financial Sector Difficulties

I am interested to see the research you are able to pull together.

This is a difficult methodology to incorporate into the financial sector - based solely on the industries very conservative nature. Additionally this method is very young and difficult to identify the influence it will truly have on ROI (something that is usually required when selling in such ideas ie Social Strategies).

As a personal opinion, the financial sector has a long way to go to catch up with its user base and the expectations they have from digital properties. Also banks are still looking to regain their relationship with users on a customer basis, strongly due to the recent complaints on "Fees", "Unnecessary Charges" and "Privacy/Security".

However there are game changers emerging, as you have mentioned, that have made many of us very excited for the road ahead. Some obvious examples being and Additionally banks are introducing new and interesting ways for customers to earn points and how they can spend those points (personalized rewards, reward goals, etc.)

Hi Matt- I completely agree.

Hi Matt-

I completely agree. Thanks for your comments and insight!