Frustrated with the eCommerce technology selection process? Tell us about it!

Often we hear that the eCommerce technology selection process is broken from both sides of the fence. The businesses that are selecting and investing in the technologies, as well as the vendors themselves, face the frustration of this process.

Our objective is to gain insights into the lessons-learned and best practices around eCommerce technology selection. We want to unearth what makes this a trying process and the success factors behind successful product and services selections.

We've compiled a short survey around this topic that should take less than 5 minutes to complete. We'd love to hear from you about what works, and what doesn't work when it comes to picking technology solutions.

Click here to start the survey.

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Finally someone is doing it from the Big Research Companies.


Nice to see you are doing this. We have been doing this for a couple of years for the small business, but at the Enterprise level i have not seen anything worthwhile apart from yourselfs, (Jeremiah) and

Hope to see it soon, keep us posted.

Jon Hos
eCommerce Platform Selection for Small Business.

re: Frustrated with the eCommerce technology selection process?


Great idea for the survey! However, I got knocked out of the first page because I'm an eCommerce Technology Supplier and not a Customer. Also, even if I was a customer, I think the concepts of B2B and B2C are overlapping (and ambiguous) in that first page as well.

I'm happy to give the supplier's perspective to the community if you're interested. As it is, I think you're only geared up to hear from the customers.

Sam Bayer

re: Frustrated with the eCommerce technology selection process?

Looking forward to learning what the responses are so we can take them into account as we expand FastSpring's e-commerce service.

re: Frustrated with the eCommerce technology selection process?

Any vehicles like this designed to help foster more partnership trust, positive collaboration, and sense of shared goal attainment are really valuable. Thanks - it will be great to see the results of this survey.