Mobile Chat Will Widen The Gap Between Overlooked And Innovative Mobile Customer Support

Mobile remains a fragmented strategy in many companies. Ownership is not always clear. And customer service is commonly — woefully — overlooked.

The gap between overlooked mobile customer service and innovative mobile customer support will widen. And those innovative eBusiness leaders will increasingly look to mobile chat.

Website chat has revolutionized how customers and eBusinesses engage with one another, and it has quickly grown into one of the most satisfying channels among online customer service options. In the last two years, consumer’s adoption of website chat has nearly doubled; at 62%, it has the highest satisfaction rating among all online customer support channels. In fact, Generations Z and X have higher satisfaction chatting with a live agent than speaking on the telephone with a live agent. (See my the January 23, 2012, "Understanding Customer Service Satisfaction To Inform Your 2012 eBusiness Strategy" report.)

Mobile chat can do the same for mobile offerings.

Today's innovative mobile features offer consumers wide-ranging functionality, such as making access to reviews and product specs as easy as scanning a QR code, turning passive catalogs into interactive style guides, and proactively sending mobile coupons. Mobile chat will increasingly enhance these mobile offerings, making them even more interactive and engaging while also supporting revenue goals.

Take Aveda’s mobile app, for example. Consumers can have a chat session to get product recommendations from an expert. This is a quick, engaging interaction — one that may never inspire a telephone call, but the convenience of a mobile chat could easily support a sale while also extending Aveda’s ability to engage customers.

Savvy eBusiness leaders — particularly those with or considering a website chat implementation — are evaluating where mobile chat fits into their mobile strategy now. Mobile chat will be an engaging differentiator in the short term. It will become a key part of an engagement and support strategy in the future.

I’ve recently published “Evaluating the Potential for Mobile Chat To Drive eBusiness Goals”. This document looks at: the benefits of mobile chat, operational considerations, and weighing key technology considerations against how they will affect the user experience and potential ROI. I hope you find this document helpful and, as always, welcome your comments.


HTML5 for mobile Virtual Agents

Great article, as making mobile customer service as accessible as possible is becoming more and more important. With the use of HTML5, which Creative Virtual uses to deploy their mobile Virtual Agents, the user doesn't have to download specific apps, which makes it much more convenient for them to access customer service easily regardless of what website they are on:

Mobile Chat Will Widen The Gap Between Overlooked And Innovative

Great information you got here. Mobile chat are popular today due to inexpensive way of communication.

Very interesting

Great information, Diane.

Our live chat product was built for desktops and we initially discounted the idea of building it for mobile, however our philosophy with automated online customer service is to cover any channel a customer may with to interact through. If that principle applies for self-service, it applies for chat, too. We haven't seen too much demand for mobile chat yet, but my guess is it will come.

One thing I can confirm about chat is that people use it in a different way to a telephone call. Though both channels are agent-assisted, live chat customers are more likely to discuss sensitive issues (falling behind with billing, for instance).