The Right Metric To Measure Click-To-Call

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a Webinar called “Right Channeling Customer Service: A Practical Guide Webinar” sponsored by ATG and IntelliResponse. The Webinar focused on aligning the right customer with the right channel at the right time.

There were a lot of good questions at the end of the Webinar, and one in particular struck my attention. The question was, “What is the cost per contact for click-to-call compared to a call originated by a customer?”

Ryan Hoppe, director of product marketing at ATG, answered the question. I thought his comments were insightful and wanted to share them.

According to Ryan, click-to-call sessions pass context from the session to the telephone rep. As a result, there is less discovery time required. This can reduce interaction time by about 10%.

 Ryan also advised that contact resolution time isn’t the only key metric. In fact, click-to-call sessions may take a bit longer depending on the nature of the call. He said ATG has a client that found click-to-call transactions were a bit longer, but the client experienced a significant reduction in subsequent calls. This occurred because click-to-call was employed to help customers manage their accounts online. Having a live rep help customers get started meant they didn’t need repeated calls.  Ryan recommended looking at First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates when assessing the value of click-to-call.

Here is a link to the Webinar in case you’d like to listen to the recording or download its slides. I hope you’ll find the content relevant and thought-provoking.


How may I use my 'click-to-call' patent in US

Hi Diane,

I have a US 'click-to-call' patent registered this year.
Can you help or introduce my patent licensing and business cooperation in US?
Fyi, I'm running an ad-network company mostly in Asia and major partners were eBay KR/HK/SG and Yahoo! Japan.

Phil / CEO
PortalTone, Inc.

New Click-to-call service

I will begin implementing a new click to call service starting in May with the launch of my new company website. I was looking for a VOIP and wifi provider and located this company selling voip products in the Philippines (which is perfect since my imports come from or through the Philippines). shows off the consumer line. I used the MOBIP application on my iPhone and was happy with it so I talked about company VOIP service.

They have this new video talking about the click to talk at

Apparently the service is so new they don't even have a dedicated page for it. I tried it out since they have a link on the retail page to contact them using the same interface they are selling.

It works nicely, the only hangup is that right now it only works on Internet Explorer. According to the staff they are working on expanded compatibility for later this year.

What is really nice is that it is a web-based video call. For old sales dogs like me it's nice because over half of the communication needed for sales is nonverbal cues, mostly though facial expression and that gets lost in phone sales calls.

Anyway, in spite of that I decided to sign up, the rate is really quite fair considering that I only have to pay a flat rate of $50 and it replaces a lot of the expense for using an 800 number. Once they fix the compatibility to all browsers I may drop the toll-free entirely and just use their service for all international business to save a ton of money.

Hope this information helps someone!

@ Jack... I went through

@ Jack... I went through those sites you mentioned. There is a new site (apparently it's new) for that service at

I signed up for it since I can put it on my real estate listings. I also got the MOBIP application for my iPhone since most of my clients are out of the country.

I've gotten my first sales call using WEBIP the other day and the experience is really nice. So much better than the click-to-talk service my former BPO company used.

Thanks for the suggestions and thanks to the blog writer for the brilliant article.

Take care and God bless!