BPM & SharePoint - Finding The Sweet Spot

Finally got my first doc through publishing here - SharePoint And BPM — Finding The Sweet Spot

It was quite a challenge to nail down all the detailed points ... and of course, the publishing process took a little getting used to. To be honest, I had most of it finalized over a month ago. 

The next doc is just about to go into the editing queue - that will focus on the rationale behind the Pega acquisition of Chordiant, highlighting a major shift we see in the way that Enterprise Apps are developed. 



Certainly, SharePoint can not be used as BPM platform

You have to write tons of code in C# to develop some BPM system based on SharePoint - or use ready-to-use BPM system that solves your BPM problem easier and faster. Standard SharePoint objects - docs, lists, calendars etc. - are suitable for corporate portal development, but SharePoint has not included some standard BPM objects - steps, rules, timers etc.

Thanks for

Thanks for sharing.