Media Meltdown Creates New Mandate for Integrated Marketing

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The Media Meltdown of fragmented audiences and broken media company business models
is disrupting traditional marketing strategies and partnerships.
Marketing leaders must work with their teams, agencies, and media
partners to update their vision of integrated marketing in order to
counter the effects of the meltdown and to harness social media.
Tomorrow's integrated marketing:

  • Is multichannel
  • Uses branded content
  • Employs social media
  • Creates a feedback
    loop that ideally will enable on-the-fly message and media tuning

Forrester clients can dig deeper into the analysis, and test their own integrated marketing programs for post-Meltdown fluency with this report and its diagnostic tool.

Post-Meltdown Integrated Marketing



re: Media Meltdown Creates New Mandate for Integrated Marketing

David, Forrester recently published a WAVE (see link) on customer communication management, which highlighted the importance of having a single technology to manage transaction, interactive and on-demand communications. Any sense how that plays out given your view of how integrated marketing is evolving?

re: Media Meltdown Creates New Mandate for Integrated Marketing

Ed, that report is pretty laser-focused on customer communication via documents, but it highlights the current cross-channel or cross-format measurement and management challenges. We're all watching marketers and vendors craft flexible dashboards just to pull in all the relevant data, let alone analyze, make decisions, and act on it. And it's still tough to integrate media measurement tools, which is what I and the case subjects were worried about in my report. Measurement is one of, if not the trickiest part of crafting modern integrated campaigns.If you're asking about how suppliers might consolidate or partner, well, that might be one way to get closer to a solution. But we're not there yet. While more "modern" (and direct marketing oriented) measurement suppliers might have a better handle on interactive, and on CRM data integration, more "traditional" suppliers trade in the ad-buying currency of the realm. A race to the middle?

re: Media Meltdown Creates New Mandate for Integrated Marketing

David,Would you agree that in order for an integrated marketing strategy to be successful marketers need to have their Web efforts as the foundation?

re: Media Meltdown Creates New Mandate for Integrated Marketing

Jillian, I believe that starting from a Web-centric foundation can work, but several of the companies I talked to started successfully from TV or from sponsorship/event marketing. The digital expertise would likely give a brand or agency a head start in managing the feedback loop.