Sooperbowlin' 2009 IV

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Angels & Demons is the second blockbuster with an ad.

Transporter throughout the ages = Audi spot. Like last year, I'm liking Audi campaign. Cool.



re: Sooperbowlin' 2009 IV

You are way off on your assessment of the Pepsi and Dorito commercials and if you watch all of the polls of consumers (not so-called ad experts) you will see that.

re: Sooperbowlin' 2009 IV

Sigh. You're right, about Dorito's anyway -- humorous violence rules! -- which did well at both the USA Today and Wall Street Journal polls. But none of the Pepsi ads showed much for the fans. My faves -- Hulu and Clydesdales -- scored pretty well. (Audi, which I liked, did not, though a couple critics liked it). Note that the Careerbuilders spot divided audiences equally on the WSJ best and worst poll.'d everybody else think?