Markets are changing fast. Companies must be forward-looking to keep pace with dynamic customers and disruptors. You need speed and a strong sense of how the industry will evolve to win.

Interactive Dashboards

Forecasts that guide strategic planning and investments

ForecastView provides size, composition, and forecast growth of the eCommerce, digital marketing, mobile, and business technology markets

Understand the market, its drivers, and its threats

We leverage multiple sources of data to give you credible market and subcategory forecasts.

Benchmark your performance.

Compare your brand to competitors and adjust your strategy based on your leading or lagging position.

Develop effective strategies rooted in market truth.

Top-line and detailed data helps you better understand areas of opportunity and justify investments.

Technology Market Trends

Understand the future of the business intelligence and analytics market as ForecastView analysts Jennifer Adams and Boris Evelson share topline data and explore market growth drivers. (49:07)

Custom data

Customized forecasts for your business

In addition to off-the-shelf forecasts, Forrester can also develop custom forecasts tailored to your specific business challenges and needs. Custom forecasts offer a framework for identifying the market drivers and inhibitors that affect your investment decisions and provide quantified assessments of potential opportunity for new products, services, distribution channels, or geographic expansion.

Learn more about Forrester’s custom data services.

Request a free forecast data dashboard

Request a complimentary interactive global eCommerce data dashboard and check out what ForecastView has to offer. This dashboard will reveal eCommerce spend and online buyer populations by country, as well as how they are trending over time.

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